Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis In Adults

Conjunctivitis In AdultsConjunctivitis can be easily cured at home with a few available ingredients. Since many substances commonly available in a household have mild to strong antibacterial properties, they can be used to reduce inflammation and to cure the infection of conjunctivitis.

This is also useful since the disease is highly contagious. Common household items like salt and honey are very useful remedies for conjunctivitis. Since the infection is in the eye, it is always good to be cautious while applying any of the remedies. We list five good home remedies for you to try out.

Best Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis


Honey is a very potent antibacterial agent and selectively attacks only the bacteria responsible for the infection. There are two ways to use honey as a home remedy for conjunctivitis.


You can either drop a few drops like an eye drop to the eye, or it can be used to wash the eye with a soft cloth. Either way, it has nearly the same effect and is known to be capable of curing conjunctivitis in as little as three days.


This is a well-known anti-bacterial and anti-infectious agent in general. However, it also has a tendency to damage the healthy tissues by drying the cells. This is why; it is a good idea to be careful while applying this remedy.


Heat salt in a pan and wait for it to cool down till it is warm. Wrap the salt in a small cloth pouch and use it to massage the eye. This causes a very small amount of salt to pass through.


Coriander leaves are very good for reducing the burning and the swelling in the case of conjunctivitis. Boil a bit of coriander leaves in water and strain the solution.


This can be used to wash the eyes or to apply it as drops to the eyes. It is a very effective remedy. It does not act on the infection, but rather on the symptoms reducing the inflammation and the discomfort of the affected region and ensuring relief against the discomfort caused by the infection.

Aloe Vera

This is another effective remedy for conjunctivitis that can be used either as a compress or as a wash. For using it as a compress, dip a cotton ball or a small soft piece of cloth into the sap and press gently onto the eye.

Aloe Vera

As a wash, take a teaspoon of aloe sap in clean, disinfected water and wash your eyes with the solution. This relieves irritation and fights the infection away since the sap of the aloe has both soothing and antibacterial properties.

Ice Pack

Ice packs are very effective in reducing the irritation and the inflammation caused by the occurrence of conjunctivitis. Take a small amount of ice in a clot, or in a small rubber bag and gently press onto the eye. Make sure that the water of the ice is clean and that you do not use the ice pack for too long at a stretch.


Ice packs reduce irritation and pain. However, they do not have any significant action on the infection. Conjunctivitis can be controlled and even cured by simple remedies made using substances available at home. Only in severe cases does it require professional medical attention to control it.