6 Home Remedies For Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Eyes reflect one’s personality. Eyes offer an elegant look to your face more than complexion. Everyone especially girls, love to be cosseted and grab oodles of attention. So, they want to take care of their eyes in the best possible way. You obviously do not want to hear those three awful words “You look tired”.

But dark circles and eye bags that appear due to a number of reasons; hormonal transitions, varied allergies, toxins, dust, water retention, heredity, etc. make your eyes dull leaving a tired look on your face.

Many of us lose sleep, and lack of sleep leads to puffy and tired looking eyes. Sleeping is perhaps the best home remedy to soothe puffy eyes and eye bags. But if your lifestyle does not allow you to have plenty of sleep (occasionally of course) there are many simple home remedies to relieve tired eyes and bags as far as you catch up your sleep!

Tips To Stay Away From Eye Bags

There are few natural remedies that can help you prevent many types of diseases and conditions. It is good to know about them and try preventing the condition rather than helping them to cure. A healthy well balanced diet will keep you away from eye bags. The consumption of kiwis in yogurt plays a significant role in the prevention of eye bags.

Drinking plenty of water will wash off the toxins from your body. Sufficient intake of water also helps to reduce water retention. Try to limit caffeine intake. Another simple tip that can work wonders is limiting your salt intake.

Home Remedies

Ice-Cold Cucumbers; Relief From Eye Bags

One of the most effective home remedies for eye bags is to use ice cold cucumbers. The high water content of the cucumbers acts as a natural guard against puffy eyes, reduces under eye swelling and lends brightness to your eyes.

Take thick slices of cold cucumber, relax yourself keeping your head back and place the slices of cold cucumber on your eyes. Allow the slices to remain on your eyes till they become warm.

Ice-Cold Cucumbers

Cool Strawberries Right From The Fridge

Cool strawberries rich in alpha-hydroxy are very effective in treating eye bags. The natural ingredient, alpha-hydroxy, found in strawberries makes your skin smooth, radiant and youthful. Various costly facial creams contain Alpha-hydroxy. Be ready to collect a handful of strawberries for your eyes so that you can avail the benefits of this effective home remedy that too at a very affordable price.

What all you have to do to get rid of eye bags and to make your eyes look radiant, is to peel off the tops of fresh and large straw berries that are refrigerated, and cut them into 3mm thick a slices. Lie down in a relaxing position and place the cold slices of strawberry under your eyes and let them remain there for some minutes. Now remove the strawberries and wash your face.

Cool Strawberries Right From The Fridge

Chilled Tea Bags Soaked In Olive Oil

This is a very simple but wonderfully effective remedy to treat eye bags, tiered eyes and under eye puffiness. Take wet tea bags and keep them in the freezer. Allow them to chill. Now dip cotton balls into olive oil and apply the oil to your eyelids.

Remove the chilled tea bags from the freezer and relax yourself with your head kept back. Keep the tea bags on your eyelids and let them remain there for ten minutes. After removing the tea bags you can go for your usual face moisturizer.

Chilled Tea Bags Soaked In Olive Oil

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Cold Water; Instant Relief From Eye Bags

Cold water is the best remedy that one can opt to get rid of eye bags quickly. Many a times it so happens that your eyes may get puffed on workday mornings, when you have very short time to get ready. So you may probably not go on to luxuriate with cucumber slices, tea bags, and strawberries.

One can make use of cold water which will instantly help you reduce under eye swelling. All you have to do is, wash your face thoroughly splashes of cold water. By doing this, blood vessels will be constricted thereby eliminating eye bags.

Cold Water

Egg Whites; An Excellent Kitchen Cure

Egg whites are very helpful in reducing under eye puffiness. Take 2 egg whites in a large bowl and whip them up. When they become stiff, gently apply it under your eyes with the help of a soft cloth or a brush. You’ll be free from eye bags in no time!

Egg Whites

Potatoes To Pamper Eye Bags

Potatoes contain lot of starch that is a natural anti-inflammatory agent to soothe eye bags. That is why it is a very frequently used remedy not only for irritated eyes, also for headaches and joint pains. Peel some potatoes, then wash and dry them. Grate them into fine pieces. Now you need to place the pulp in a soft cloth and fold it. Keep the poultice on your eyes for about 20 minutes. You will be feeling very fresh and happy to notice the reduced bags!

These amazing home remedies have been proved to be very effective in reduction of eye bags. They can also bring back the lost radiance of your eyes if practiced regularly. Try them all and do share your ideas with us!

Potatoes To Pamper Eye Bags