5 Home Remedies For Haemorrhoids

5 Home Remedies For Haemorrhoids

Haemorrhoids can be cured by numerous methods.These methods are a combination of changes in lifestyle and certain foods that cure the occurrence of haemorrhoids.These cures are also changes in the diet that reduce the chances of haemorrhoids, and increase circulation in the rectal region, thereby helping to cure the inflammation in the region.

Followed properly these methods most of them simple and easy to implement, these methods will get rid of your haemorrhoids and help you prevent their occurrence.We list five ways to relieve yourself from haemorrhoids.

Best Home Remedies For Haemorrhoids


Haemorrhoids are essentially an inflammation of the rectal veins.Turmeric contains chemicals that reduce inflammation. Boil some turmeric in water, create an extract and then drink the extract twice a day to enable the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric to take effect.


This is a good way to treat internal haemorrhoids,since more blood reaches them and makes the turmeric in the blood function more effectively. The infusion of turmeric can be increased or decreased depending on your level of comfort.


This is the simplest and most obvious cure for this disease. During occurrences, drink large quantities of water. This reduces constipation and also reduces strain on the veins in the rectal region.

water 1

Drinking five or more litres of water per day helps in curing haemorrhoids and helps to prevent recurrences. If you believe you are susceptible to haemorrhoids drinking large amounts of water every day is a very convenient way to prevent any recurrences, or to cure any haemorrhoids that are present.

Cushioned Seats

Sitting down for long periods of time in one place often causes a large amount of strain to act on the rectal muscles for a long period of time. This, in turn, causes inflammation, and leads to haemorrhoids.

cusion seat

A simple way to prevent this is to use cushioned seats, or to get up every half an hour, or an hour, to walk around a bit. This reduces the strain exerted on the rectum, and reduces the presence of existing haemorrhoids.

Plum Juice

Plum juice is a very well-known cure for haemorrhoids.Drinking a few ounces of pure plum juice every day reduces the inflammation rapidly. Plum juice also reduces constipation thereby reducing the chances of haemorrhoids in the future, and reducing the discomfort of the infection.

plum juice

Ideally, you can have quite a bit of plum juice since this juice is quite nutritious and does not affect the body adversely. Drink during an occurrence of haemorrhoids and drink normally to prevent possible recurrences.


Soaking the affected region with water is known to be an effective way to treat haemorrhoids.Adding a mild antiseptic like witch hazel, or even a dilute salt solution will help reduce the inflammation and infection in and around the region. You can also try gently soaking the area with a soft towel or washcloth, and then letting it dry.


This prevents any secondary infections and effectively kills any microbes already present in the region.Try this daily for best results.Haemorrhoids are often uncomfortable or alarming, but with a bit of caution and quick response they can be kept under control and rapidly cured within a matter of a few days.