Home Remedies For Jock Itch

jock itchIf you have already tried to treat Jock Itch with medicines, you will know that no matter how many medicines you take, the discomfort returns again and again. It is suggested that you try out any of these home remedies for jock hitch which will prevent their occurrence in future too. 

These home remedies are effective, tested and are without any kind of side effects. If you have a tendency to develop the infection, you can try out all these remedies as prevention and if you have already developed the problem, these remedies will offer you relief. So, here are some such home treatment options for you to try.

Home Treatment For Jock Itch

Use Raw Garlic Cloves As Remedy

Raw garlic has anti-fungal properties which helps in healing the infection quickly. Have raw garlic cloves whenever you can throughout the day – it helps in boosting your immunity level and helps in curing.


In case you are not able to endure eating garlic, you can blend them with olive oil. Dip these in napkins and create a compress which you can apply on your itchy patch. You can also crush a few garlic cloves and apply them on the affected area.

Try Salt Bath

Taking regular salt water bath can help you in treating jock itch. You need to fill your bath tub with warm water and add salt in it generously. You can use iodized salt, bath salt or Epsom salt for the purpose.

salt bath

Let your body soak well in this warm solution for at least 30 minutes. You can take this bath at least twice a day for best results. Salt is effective in healing the infection quickly and helps in controlling the growth of fungus.

Use Pure Honey Remedy

You can apply pure honey on the infected area. Honey has a direct impact on fungus and helps to heal it quickly. You can also prepare a paste of garlic and honey and apply it on your infected skin.


You may get a stinging sensation first but it will soon go away and offer relief from the inflammation as well as itchiness. You can apply honey garlic paste at least three times in a day for quick results.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Wash the infected area with apple cider vinegar thoroughly. It works excellently to treat jock itch with its strong anti fungal properties. Apple cider vinegar helps in controlling and curing many types of skin infections. In a glass of water, you can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Use this solution to wash the infected area and let it dry on its own.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You can carry out this treatment for three times in a day. Alternatively, you can also prepare a mixture using a teaspoon of alcohol, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and half cup of butter. This mixture needs to be refrigerated for at least 4-5 hours before applying it on the body part. This remedy is, however, not suggested for those who suffer from sensitive skin problems.

Avoid Certain Foods

If you have a tendency of developing rashes and suffer from jock itch often you should avoid certain foods like refined carbs, sugar coated foods and foods which are rich in yeast.

fried food

Alcohol needs to be avoided also as it converts itself into sugar as soon as it enters our body. You need to replace all processed foods, greasy or oily foods and even fried foods with fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help in preventing the occurrences of all infections and rashes.

Use OnionsFor Treatment

Onions have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. Onions are very effective in treating jock itch and help in killing the bacteria which is responsible for killing the fungus which causes jock itch. You can prepare a paste from onion and then gently apply it just on the infected area.


You can leave it in the area for at least an hour and wash the area effectively. You can then pat dry the area or use a blow dryer to clean it. If onion paste is not available, you can use onion oil or its juice too. You can also add plenty of onions in your food too which offers complete microbial protection to the body.

Use Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties and helps in curing infections such as jock itch. The oil has deep cleansing properties and different stimulating elements along with its antibacterial quality.

Tea Tree Oil

You can use a clean cotton ball to apply this tea tree oil in the area. Apply this twice in a day. It will help you in getting rid of the infections. You can also prepare a shower gel using tea tree oil. Hope all the above home remedies help to take care of your jock itch problem.