Home Remedies for Radiant Skin

Skin care could be a tough job and expensive as well sometimes. Normally, a regular skin care regimen demands at least $1000 monthly which is quite too much.

Instead of sticking to salons, creams, lotions, gels, etc one can find a body salon at home only. With the help of home remedies, one can attain natural beauty. So let the mother nature be your skin care expert.

Mash a banana of small size with apple and apply this paste over face. Leave it up for about 20 minutes and then was off with the help of cold water. Then you can try out making a fine paste of walnut powder, about a tsp with lemon juice and some drops of pure honey.

Use this paste as a scrub and apply on the whole body and massage. This would clear off the dust layer, pollution dirt and also tanning. For people with oily skin, try applying paste of orange juice mixed with turmeric powder about a pinch. This is a natural sun tan curing pack and helps to get rid of the daily sun tan.

Papaya could work wonders in any time of year as it acts as a cleanser, scrub and moisturizing agent as well, all at same time. Just when you wake up in the morning, cut a piece of fresh papaya and rub all over the skin. For better results, take steam first and them apply it.

You would be amazed with the instant glow and softness over skin. boil cabbage in water and then allow the water to cool down overnight. When you wake up, wash the face with this and feel the instant freshness through it. in summers, take mango peel and mix it with milk powder.

Scrub face and neck with it daily and you would notice that you do not get tanned at all. Every night, for moisturization apply mixture of rose water with glycerin and massage over the whole body with it, especially hands and foot as they tend to have hardest skin. You would notice soft skin in just 10 days time.