2 Home Remedies To Lighten Your Hair

Lighten Your Hair

You no longer have to stick to your natural hair colour. You can experiment and try out all kinds of new hairstyles, colours and highlights. Just about everybody is into highlighting their hair. It not only adds a certain personality to your hair, it also accentuates your entire look.

You can show a wilder side of you simply by adding some bright red highlights to your otherwise dark tresses. You see highlights in all kinds of colours around you. All these highlights do is highlight the good looks of your hair.

Hair is said to be the glory of a woman and with the amount of attention that the beauty industry is giving to hair, it seems as if they have stumbled upon this secret. Women love their hair and love to wear it differently. Having the same hair in the same style and colour can become pretty boring at times. Adding shades and highlights makes it interesting and beautiful to look at.

Several products to highlight hair are available on the market. However, sometimes these products can be harsh and instead of increasing the beauty of hair, they end up decreasing it, especially so if you have sensitive skin. However, there is no need to worry here because this article deals with informing you about some simple home remedies that you can use to lighten your hair.

Some Tips To Go The Natural Way

The Lemony Way

Lemon juice contains citric acid, which is one of the most effective natural bleaching agents; remember you use it even if you want to remove a stubborn stain. This natural wonder works wonders for your hair. It will help to lighten your hair the natural way.

However, you should use caution while using it. Do not take more than one tablespoon in a gallon of water and never use it neat. Otherwise, you will end up drying up your hair or even greying it. However, if diluted carefully, you will get your desired results without any side effects.

Lemon Juice

The Flowery Way

Flowers like chamomile have been used for this purpose. Simply place them in a cup of boiling water and leave for half an hour. After cooling, strain the mixture and use it to rinse your hair. Do it in such a way that the solution falls back into the container so that you can use it again. Repeat about six times and allow it to remain in your hair for about 15 minutes. After that you can wash it out with water.

These techniques will surely help you get your desired results.