Home Workout Routines For Women

As women, we are always conscious about our health and diet but planning and action are two entirely different stories. It is a general belief that a proper workout can be done only at a gym. With little focus and chalking out time, you can reach your fitness goals without a gym!  

Planning on joining a gym but don’t have the time for it? If you are a working woman or just cannot get yourself to go to the gym for a workout then here’s a routine which can be followed at the comfort of your home and help you maintain your curves. As much as diet plays an important role in keeping one healthy, exercise and its frequency also has the same amount of importance.

If you’re a morning lover then kick off with a refreshing morning routine and follow it to keep yourself energetic and in good spirits throughout the day. Early mornings are the best time to exercise but these are simple exercises that you can do at any time, depending upon your schedule.

Workout Routines For Women At Home

What You’ll Need

1. A ball.
2. Water bottles to be used as weights.
3. A chair.
4. Table

Warm Up Exercises

Bend down and touch your feet and push your hands back into the air. Get your feet apart and touch your right foot with your left hand while your right hand is raised in the opposite direction into the air and vice versa.

warmup exercise

Put your hands on your arms, move your elbows clockwise and anticlockwise. Move your neck clockwise and anticlockwise, up and down. 10 counts each. These simple exercises are targeted in such a way that your whole body is made flexible. Each exercise should be done as 15 counts of two reps.

Water Weights

Fill two empty plastic bottles with water to a level that you think you can comfortable carry. Take both bottles and do 10 counts 2 reps bicep curls with each arm. Stand upright and hold the bottle towards the gravity and raise your arm, creating impact on the inner muscles in the upper arm. (Do not lift you hand, raise arm only)

Chair Strength

Take a chair and sit on its edge. To strengthen your arms, move forward and lower yourself with your arms while bending near the elbows.

chair strength

In order to work on your hamstrings and quadriceps, do 2 sets of squats with 10 counts each but make sure you do not sit completely. (The chair is only to give you support in case of you losing your balance)

Train With Your Table

If you want to strengthen your bottoms then you’ll love your table from now on. Place your calves on the table and slowly lie down on the floor. Lift your hips off the ground while you squeeze your glutes. Your hands are to be laid straight on the floor.

Stair Care

Stair Care

Use your apartment stairs or if you have a stairway at home to tone your thighs and lower body. Run up and down the floors at least seven to nine times and it’ll equal running a mile. This exercise increases your heart rate and thus promotes healthy blood circulation.

Ball Game

Take a fitness ball. With feet on the floor, sit up on the ball with knees bent at a sharp 45 degrees and lean back slightly. Hold a football in front of you and move it from side to side as you rotate your body. This will help you strengthen your core stomach muscles. To strengthen thighs, lie down with your knees bent and place the ball between your knees. Now, balance the ball while you move your knees forward and backward to touch your stomach.

ball game

Your hands should be straight on the floor. Do these exercises as 15 counts two reps. This workout takes about 45 minutes and can be done at the comfort of your home. When you can change your home into a gym, then why worry? Quick and efficient, this routine can help you get results if you do them regularly. Say yes to fitness and good health from your home now!