Homemade Beauty Recipes For Smooth Skin Care

beauty tipsSoft and beautiful skin is all that we crave for be it a male or a female but it is very difficult to maintain. Soft and smooth skin is very difficult to attain but due to improper care and handling there are lots of problems faced by the individual. Branded and expensive products are not what are required but a healthy style of living and a good care of skin reflect it all.

With age the skin loses the elasticity and pores tend to expand giving a sluggish look. The stress, environmental pollution etc are the main cause of improper skin. There are various beauty products one can go for but some might be harmful whereas the natural remedies are healthy and are not harsh. They are:

Smooth Skin Care Recipes At Home

Increment in The Intake of Water

For a proper silky and a glowing epidermis intake of water is very important. A proper intake of five liters or ten glasses of water each day is very important. Water helps in flushing out toxins and cleansing the skin.

lots of water

There is a remarkable difference with the intake of water and all soft drinks and alcohol should be avoided and done away with. Leafy vegetables and fruits which are enriched with high concentration of water should be consumed well and cleansing of face with cold water is recommendatory each day twice.

Benefits of Inhaling Steam

The vapors when inhaled helps in expanding the pores and furthers cleanses the pores by getting away with the dirty substances. Clustering of pores results in formation of blackheads and the steam helps in making it soft.

Inhaling steam

Production of healthy cells and circulation of blood helps in attaining a good skin. A container with hot water along with herbs should be inhaled with a towel on the top of the head and it is recommendatory once a week.

An Effect of Curd

Curd being rich in lactic acid, fats and proteins help in cleansing and smoothening the skin. Curd along with the citrus juice and the sweetener helps in moisturizing.


For cleansing one tablespoon of curd along with lemon should be massaged in a circular motion. The catalyst present removes the ruptured cells and makes the skin glow.

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The Magic of Turmeric Powder

The turmeric powder when mixed with curd and milk helps in lightening of skin and helps in getting away with pigmentation. Turmeric is a solution to many problems and helps in attaining a flawless skin and is the most effective remedy.

turmeric powder

A mask can be applied twice a week for good results. For curing darkness around the eyes turmeric along with pineapple works well and for rejuvenation of arid skin sandalwood with turmeric should be used.

The Effect of Cucumber

Cucumber acts as a great ailment and has properties of an astringent. It helps in hydrating the skin and gives good nourishment to the skin. The ph scale is same as the bodys’ so the acid is maintained naturally.

cucumber slice

Cucumber along with oats and milk makes a good pack and should be put on the skin and left for a span of twenty minutes. The mask after a warm water wash helps in minimizing the pimples, darkness etc.