Homemade Body Scrubs

homemade-body-scrubExfoliating is an important part of the beautification process. The act of exfoliating not only removes dirt, dried sweat, and air pollutants from your skin, but also removes any flakes of dead skin. After exfoliating you will feel squeaky clean and your skin will have a healthy glow.

The only way to exfoliate your entire body is to use a body scrub. Body scrubs are a type of body wash that have some sort of pumice that scrapes the pollutants from your skin.

How to Use a Body Scrub

The first key in making sure your skin looks gorgeous is to make sure you are exfoliating properly. The key to proper body exfoliation is to get your entire body damp. When you are damp, pour a small amount of your body scrub onto a washcloth or body scrubber. Vigorously rub your entire body with the body scrub. When you have buffed your entire body with the body scrub, rinse it off.

Never use your body scrub on your neck or face. The pumice used in body scrub can cause the more tender skin to chafe.

The Advantage to Homemade Body Scrubs

The problem some people have with commercially-made body scrubs is that they end up having an adverse reaction to one of the ingredients in the body scrub. The best way to prevent an unexpected allergic reaction to a body scrub is to make a homemade body scrub.

Making a homemade body scrub is a simple craft that your whole family will enjoy. In addition to being a great deal of fun, you will also find that making your own homemade body scrubs is an excellent way have beautiful skin while also saving money.

Almond and Bran Body Scrub

An excellent recipe for a homemade body scrub is the almond and bran scrub. What makes this such a great homemade body scrub is that in addition to being a great pumice, both almond and bran make your skin appear younger.

In order to make the almond and bran body scrub you will need the following ingredients; 1 cup Hot Green Tea, 1/2 cup very finely ground almonds, 10 drops lavender essential oil, and 1/2 cup coarse wheat bran.

Mix the almonds, bran, and tea together in a large bowl. After they are thoroughly blended, add the lavender oil. Stir the mixture a few more times. Once all of the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the homemade body scrub is ready to use. Store any remaining body scrub in a tightly sealed container.

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