Homemade Carrot Oil For Healthy And Lustrous Hair

Carrot Oil

Carrot Oil

Carrots have been popularly known for its beneficial qualities for human health both internally and externally. They are filled with nutrients like betacarotene, Vitamin A, E and C. Apart from being a healthy vegetable, carrots are also quite useful for soft and smooth skin and helps in promoting hair growth. All of us most often opt for those expensive oils, shampoos and conditioners to get beautiful tresses, but little do we know that these products are filled with chemicals, which actually cause more harm to hair and body. If you like to use natural and organic products then just click on the link below and check out for a fantastic recipe for great hair. This natural carrot oil recipe helps in preventing hair breakage, repairs hair and strengthens it. You can modify the recipe a bit and make carrot oil bars or carrot oil lotion for skin too.

Frugallysustainable – Homemade Carrot Oil For Healthy And Lustrous Hair

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