Hormonal Acne in Women

There is a common belief that Acne occurs when one reaches puberty and it goes away once one reaches adulthood. That is pure myth. One has every chance of having Acne after reaching adulthood.

Usually older women who have Acne problem go for the general treatment such as using natural ingredients or consulting a skin specialist and taking medication. They tend to go for medicines that are usually prescribed to younger people suffering from Acne.

Unfortunately, these women are absolutely unaware of the fact that the cause of them having Acne is hormones. This is one reason why most of the times the medication does not bring about the desired cure, because this kind of Acne does not respond to the prescribed medication.

How would you know that hormones are the reason why you have Acne? There are a few signs that would help you find out.

The signs are mentioned below:

If you have Acne for the first time during your adulthood.
Having too much of Acne before monthly period.
Not having period regularly.
Having an oily skin.

Women in their 50s face Acne problem if they are suffering from deficiency of Progesterone hormones. If one is suffering from PMS, she might also be suffering from this deficiency. And the end result is Acne. This happens because at this age the ovaries stops producing the Progesterone hormone. This hormone actually protects the skin by preventing the production of excess oil. Once there is a lack of this hormone, it is likely that the oil glands will become more active, and produce more oil and cause Acne.

If you think only the lack of the Progesterone hormone causes Acne, you are wrong. If the ovaries produce excess Testosterone hormone, then you can have Acne. But this is common among women who are in their 20s and 30s. One of the most common medications for this kind of Acne is birth control pills. But other than that there are more medications. All you need to do is consult a skin specialist.

Last but not the least is stress. Stress can affect the production of hormones in your body, causing Acne. Stress triggers the production of another hormone called Cortisol. This hormone causes Acne as well, but the affect of Cortisol is not long lasting. In this case, the Acne goes away as soon as you become stress free.

Whether Acne is caused due to hormonal imbalance is not difficult to identify. Know the signs and consult a doctor, if necessary.