Hottest Makeup Trends For Fall – 2012

Hottest Makeup Trends For Fall - 2012

Hottest Makeup Trends For Fall - 2012 With the arrival of new fashion season, the trend has changed from light, romantic floral to intense and rich solid colors. Along with all the other fashion trends, makeup trends have also changed from subtle, summery shades to the bright and dark hues, complimenting the festive season and chilly winter breeze.

Here are some of the latest makeup trends for Fall 2012, straight from the fashion runway to give you a perfect look this season.

Makeup Trends for Fall – 2012

Fresh and Natural Look

Nude makeup is a trend that doesn’t seem to fade away so soon. Extremely popular with tinsel town hotties; fresh and natural look with subtle and understated makeup is all over the runway and red carpets this season. Dewey complexion with monochromatic and undertoned contouring is here to stay.

Geometric Eyeliner and Futuristic Eyes

Although, you might not be comfortable with extremely dramatic eyes, as seen on the runway; you can surely go for a milder version, with thick strokes or smudged carbon black eye definers and liners, covering almost half of eyelids or extending a bit beyond the corners of the eyes.

Geometric eyeliner is the hottest makeup trend this season, to give a futuristic look to your eyes. Avant-garde and experimental, eyes with rectangular box shaped outer corners, and strategically placed dots on the eyelids, or lash lines are the latest makeup trend, seen on the runway for Fall 2012.

Dramatic Red and Mulberry Lips

Sexy and bold rouge or mulberry pouts are the most popular makeup trends for Fall 2012. Rich and sensuous mulled wine lips, with the hint of chocolate stain as undertone, are taking the fashion circuits by storm.

Hottest Makeup Trends For Fall - 2012

A trend also seen on the red carpet, seems to last longer than just the current fashion season. Make sure, you exfoliate your lips to get a perfect look. The trendy finishes for dark, rich lipsticks are patent leather gloss and creamy matte.

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Multi-Toned Eyes

Gone are the days, when black and gray dominated the world of eye makeup. This season, add a splash of colors to your eyes, as multi-toned eyes are one of the hottest makeup trends this season. Pick up bright and bold colors like green and blue for the liner and mascara, to re-define your eye makeup as trendy and uber chic.

Color-Blocked Eyelids

Color blocked eyelids are not only trendy this season but also give you a unique look. Bright eyelids with symmetric patterns are hot on the runway. Eyes are expressive, bold and centre of attention this season.

Sketched Lashes

A bit experimental and bold for everyday look; sketched lashes can be sported as the latest makeup trend for evening parties. Just play around with the eyeshadow to draw lines to resemble eyelashes on the upper and lower lash line. Although, sketched lashes are hot on the runway be careful while sporting it. Overdoing it, may make you look completely disshelved. Practice to get it right and avoid sketched lashes for a day event.

Weathered Cheeks

Winter chapped, weathered or naturally tan cheeks are in-vogue and moving up in the popularity chart with the celebs. Opt for bronze or pink hue to create the impression of weathered cheeks to keep up with the latest makeup trend for Fall 2012.