Hottest Medium Bob Hairstyles

Bobs can never go out of fashion. This haircut is being constantly revived with a new trend each time. It is believed that the bob was originated during World War I because the women officers had no time to style their hair. Soon it became a badge for freedom and independence.

Anyone with a good jaw line and neck can wear a bob. More and more people are opting for medium-length bobs. Every bob cut looks different on different faces and hair types. One must be careful in its selection. Here is a brief on the 4 hottest medium bob hairstyles.

Stylish Medium Bob Hairstyles

Even Bob 

Best suited for women with straight hair, this hairstyle is easiest to get. You just need to get your hair cut in one length. Now make a small side part and let your hair fall close to the sides of your face. Make sure the part isn’t too deep and hair is swept at the back.

even bob

This way your hair on your head and crown area will look more voluminous. The all one length of your hair would really make for a unique look and it looks quite neat and organised. You may accessorise it with a handful of accessories available in the market.

Jagged Edges Bob 

You may retain your all one length bob and simply add jagged and edgy ends to it with the help of a razor. This would render quite an edgy look. Now for the front side, get a thick eye brow-grazing bang. You may also make your bob into a graduated one.

Jagged Edges Bob

This hairstyle covers your ears and makes for a sleek looking face. You may even decide to half clip it. Use studded crystal pins to embellish your hair. Hair bands would also look great with this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks even better on jet black hair.

Banged With Even Layers Bob 

Get two long layers on the sides of your hair, going as high as your chin. And the hair starting from your ears should be shorter than the front layers right till the back. Add a wispy eye brow grazing bang, but make sure it is textured and is light too.

Banged With Even Layers Bob

Your eye brows should be visible. The uneven layers and the see-through bangs make for an excellent look. You may just use a clip to adorn your hair without clipping the hair away.

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Zig-Zag Bob 

Throw in a lot of uneven layers on your medium bob. The cut should also be asymmetric to render a funky look. This hairstyle looks extremely cool with the hair flying on your face due to the cut. The bang too should be cut in an asymmetrical line. When styling your hair after a wash, always style hair towards the end, closer to your face.

Zig-Zag Bob

It almost should frame your face and seem like sticking onto it. If you like colouring your hair, then go blonde with this one. The best part about this hairstyle is the way it sits on your head, it sure looks messy but sit perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about combing them again and again. Just run your fingers through and you are done.