How Do Magical Depilatories Work?

How do magical depilatories work

How do magical depilatories workUnshaven hair on various body parts like arms, legs and various other parts looks very tacky and unattractive. The option of hair removal is a very old idea of looking attractive and feminine.

Hair removal was only done by ladies in those days, to make themselves visually appealing. But the scenario has changed over time. Now-a-days no body considers hair removing to be an option of fashion, rather it is considered to be another hygienic habit like taking a bath or brushing teeth. It is been scientifically proven that our body hair traps many dirt and germs in them, which may result in various infectious diseases, as well as skin problems like acne. So it is better to get rid of the unwanted body hair and stay healthy.

For this purpose, people adapt many different kinds of options like shaving, waxing, and using depilatories among other such useful options. Depilatories have become a favourite option for those who are scared of harsh hair removal options like waxing and razors. But in spite of its advantages, depilatories have some shortcomings. So here’s a probe into how your favourite depilatories work and also precautions to be taken while using them.

What is a Depilatory?

A depilatory is a chemical substance which is recently used for body hair removal instead of the primitive hair removal option like waxing and shaving. These are available in the form of lotions, creams, sprays, powders or aerosols. A depilatory offers a pain-free option of hair removal, and has acquired quite a large share in the field of hair removal by replacing its existing rivals. A depilatory is a very easy to use skin removal tool, which requires no prior experience or expertise for using this item. Depilatories are readily available in the market, and are sold over the counter.

How do Depilatories Work

Depilatories are chemically made cosmetic products, which contain an active chemical substance, called calcium thioglycolate. Coming in contact with the hair, this chemical ingredient breaks down the disulphide bonds of keratin found in hair. After breaking down the keratin of hair, the depilatory converts the hair into a gel like mass, which comes off easily when pulled with a spatula. A depilatory works by tearing off the hair from its shaft, rather than pulling out the whole hair from the follicle.

This results in left over hair roots, which is the reason of not-so-clean hair removal. The calcium thioglycolate my also result in braking the disulphide bonds of keratin found on the skin. This results in irritation of the skin, especially in people with sensitive skin, whose disulphide bonds in skin are weak. For this reason, it is often notified in the packs of depilatories, that the cream should not be used for more than 5 minutes, failing may which result in irritation and drying.

Disadvantages of Depilatories and Precaution to be Taken While using Them-

1. Depilatories do not give clean shave as waxing or razors.

2. Hair re-growth occurs within a very short span of time after shaving.

3. May result in drying, irritation and redness of the skin.

4. Sometimes results in discoloration of the skin.

5. May not be suitable for every skin type, especially sensitive skin. To know whether the depilatory is harmful to your skin or not, take a pea-sized amount on your hands, and notice for any negative changes like irritation or redness, if everything remains alright, you may undoubtedly use it.

So be very careful when using a depilatory, and if it is suitable for you, take its advantages, and do not worry.