How Does A Teenager Prevent Acne Breakouts

prevent acne breakout

prevent acne breakoutPimples and acne are every teenager’s dilemma. It is annoying and makes you look ugly especially when you have a party or an important date to go for. Acnes and pimples occur due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, unhealthy diet and most importantly dirt around us.

If you do not keep your skin clean and free from dirt, you are bound to experience breakouts at ungodly time. How does a teenager prevent acne breakouts? There are many ways where one can get rid of it or avoid it totally. Follow simple rules of perfect flawless skin and enjoy an acne free skin.

Know Your Skin Type

Oily skin are the most prone to acne and pimples. Therefore you need to get rid of excess oil. How? Wash your face with a suitable face wash that removes dirt and oil. In case you have normal skin or dry skin, use face wash accordingly.

Washing your face several times in a day is an excellent habit to keep your skin hydrated and oil free. Maintain a regular skin care regime which involves scrubbing, moisturizing and toning. It not only helps to avoid acne breakouts but makes the skin look young and healthy.

What You Eat Shows On Your Face

Too much spice, oily or junk food can cause acne breakouts. Eating out more often than not can lead to a bad digestive system which in turns shows on your face in the form of acne and pimples. The key to healthy and glowing skin is directly proportional to what one eats. Include a lot of healthy food like fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat salads, pulses and high protein diet.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is essential to flush out the toxins from the body. Drink not less than ten glasses of water each day. It keeps you hydration, avoids stomach upsets and most importantly keeps acne and pimples at bay. Et fruits with high water content.

Use Acne Clear Beauty Products

The beauty industry has been flooded with many products promising to clear acne and pimples very fast. Select a good brand preferably herbal or ayurvedic that contains natural ingredients. Too much chemicals may solve the problem of acne once but does not kill its roots. Use sunscreen when you go out in the sun. Harmful rays of the sun also aggravate acne and pimples.

Avoid Squeezing Acne Or Pimples

No matter how desperate you are to get rid of that one big pimple on your nose do not squeeze it. At first it may seem that it’s mellowed down but actually it’s going to come back bigger. It gets red and looks swollen. Squeezing also makes it recurs again and can cause more to add to your problem.

If you’ve been suffering with lots of acne breakouts, this article can be of real help to know “how does a teenager prevent acne breakouts”. Some other helpful tips are to never touch pimples with dirty fingers, use face packs and remedies to treat them at home. If the problem persists visit a dermatologist immediately.