How Eating Late at Night Affects Your Health

Hunger can strike at all odd hours and when it does late at night, no matter what time it is, the hunger pangs refuse to ebb. You invariably seek solace in your refrigerator when you start looking for a midnight snack. Midnight hunger pangs are a common phenomenon but they are not only inconvenient but also has bad effects on your health.

Snacking at midnight first of all disrupts the metabolism. The body is used to getting relaxed late at night and the metabolism also is slow. When you eat at this time, the digestive system pushes to digest the food. This disrupts the metabolic cycle and the additional food does not get digested by the time you are up in the morning ready for breakfast.

Therefore it is highly likely that you will not have the right amount of breakfast. This makes you eat between meals during the day, which tends to add on to the weight. Also the digestive system that is meant to rest at night does extra work.

Secondly, late night snacks usually are not healthy. The hunger is sudden and you usually do not prepare something for yourself. Cheese and bread or fruits are the common available options. If you have an unhealthy snack, it adds on to your weight and disrupts the metabolic activities as mentioned earlier.

If you have fruits, chances are high that you will have acidity and you might not be able to sleep properly. The digestive system gets overworked and the extra food content disrupts the whole cycle and if you develop a habit of snacking at midnight, your digestion will get thrown out of gear.

There are many tips to avoid midnight snacking. If you have the urge, drink a glass of water or two. You can also opt for herbal tea with artificial sweetener. Warm food tends to satisfy your appetite better. Stick to your meal times. Have the last meal 3 hours before sleeping and top it with a light salad so that there is enough fiber in the body along with a lot of water content. Brush your teeth before sleeping. That will prepare you mentally not to eat.

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