How Electrolysis Hair Removal Works

pros and cons of electrolysis hair removal

pros and cons of electrolysis hair removalHair removing is a regular routine for most of the women. We need to remove our hair every month or after fifteen days to get rid of them just temporarily, so that we can look clean and beautiful.

Rushing to parlor every after fifteen or thirty days is a really time consuming thing, especially for busy working women. Hence many of them opt for a permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal helps in saving a lot of time, money as well as water.

There are various methods of permanent hair removal, among which electrolysis hair removal being one. It has various advantages and disadvantages, which are being highlighted in this article.

What Is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis hair removal is a process of permanent hair removal. It is the only process of permanent hair removal, which is approved in America by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This process is time consuming, and includes various methods to get completed. In this process, the hair follicles in the skin are damaged, to prevent further hair growth; hence it results in permanent hair removal. The various types of electrolysis hair removal methods are.


The first method of doing electrolysis hair removal is thermolysis. In this process a needle like probe is inserted into the hair follicles of each hair, and then it over-heats the follicles to damage them. This damage prevents hair re-growth.

Galvanic Electrolysis

The second method is called galvanic electrolysis. In this method, the needle like probe passes electric current through the hair follicles, which generates a chemical reaction in our body, to destroy the hair follicles. The current which is passed to the hair follicles is generated by direct electric current, and can be adjusted. Once destroyed, the hair follicles would no more re-grow hair.


Blend means the combination of the first two techniques instead of just one. This method is easier and also less time consuming than the previous two methods. In this method, the needle is first put into the hair follicle and electric current is used, and then heat is also simultaneously used to gear up the process. In spite of being a quicker method than the previous ones, it is very costly and very painful.

Advantages Of Electrolysis Hair Removal

1. Suitable For Any Skin Type And Colour

This method is suitable for all skin types. Sometimes laser hair removal is not performed on dark skin tones but electrolysis hair removal has no such problems, and can be performed on any skin colours, without any complications.

2. Permanent

Electrolysis hair removal is used for permanent hair removal. This saves time, money and also efforts.

3. Safe

This method is safe for any skin type or colour, and is also safe against hair re-growth, once the entire process is completed.

Disadvantages Of Electrolysis Hair Removal

1. Costly

This method is a very costly one, as it requires many repeated treatments to get large amounts hair removed. And as this method incorporates the use of many advanced machines, this is a bit costlier than the regular removal methods.

2. Painful

Electrolysis hair removal is a very painful method, as each hair follicle has to be penetrated and targeted with electric current or heat, to remove them. Thus it becomes really painful.

3. Problematic For Large Amounts Of Hair

As this method is performed by inserting the needle in every hair follicle, it becomes really difficult to remove large amounts of hair. In such situations, more than one seating are required, to completely remove the hairs.