How Safe Is Laser Facial Hair Removal

laserFacial hair can be quite a prick, we know. Running to your nearest beauty salon to get your face bleached every month is equally annoying, we agree. So what’s the alternative? With technology taking strides, laser facial hair removal is becoming quite the fad among women.

Laser hair removal is sought after because of its precision, speed and permanency. However, the permanency bit is an over exaggeration by all those skin clinic ads. The truth is laser hair removal is not permanent. It just prolongs the duration of hair regrowth to six months. For getting a permanent hair removal one has to undergo the treatment at least 3-4 times. Yet, even then there is no guarantee that your hair will not pop back.

So the efficacy of laser hair removal is doubtful. Now comes the question of safety. While the risks involved in such a task are worth considering for any part of your body, they are multiplied when it comes to your face. If you are interested in getting your facial hair removed with the help of laser technology then you must make yourself aware of the following possible dangers.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Eye Injury

Normally precaution against an eye injury is taken by wearing laser safe glasses. Yet if you don’t get your treatment from a proper clinic or your laser specialist is not to adept at performing the surgery then your eyes might be at a risk of damage.

laser facial hair removal

Even the slightest exposure to your eye can cause immense damage to it. Therefore, it is advisable to always wear glasses and get your facial hair removal treatment from a reputed clinic.


Many patients experience blisters on their face post a treatment. This could occur due to overlapping laser applications. Hence make sure your skin is properly cooled before the area is exposed to the laser in order to mitigate your chances of getting a blister.

Pigmentation Changes

 Laser Hair Removal

Your skin could undergo a change in colour post laser application. However, this tad change in your skin shade is temporary in most cases. After a few weeks the skin resumes its original colour. But there are patients who have experienced permanent pigmentation in their facial skin. This is true especially for dark skinned people.

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Although the risk is pretty low, there is always a possibility of an infection due to laser treatments. Any wounds in the skin made before the therapy or made by the therapy can be breeding grounds for infection. Hence it is important to follow up with your skin clinic post the treatment to check for any infections.


Scarring is a rare consequence of treatment but when it occurs it stays forever. Scars could be a result of unskilled laser treatment. It could either be your operator’s fault or your skin’s too sensitive. To avoid scarring post a treatment, go for regular follow ups to your skin clinic.


Laser facial hair removal is no small decision. You should think about all the pros and cons and ponder if you really need this. Only after you are convinced of your need and the credibility of the clinic should you go for this treatment.