6 Ways To Act When A Guy Says He Needs Space

Ways To Act When A Guy Says He Needs Space

Relationship blues are common no matter how close a bond you share with your guy. As time passes, it is natural for one or both partners to feel stifled in a relationship and want more space.

Chances are that you are perfectly happy with your relationship. However, there might come a point of time in your relationship where you man comes up with those three horrid little words – “I need space”. When this happens, many women try to cling on harder and thereby drive their man away. Some might cry, beg or even turn hysterical.

All of this just reaffirms the man’s decision that he needs some time and space to himself. If the day comes when your man tells you that he needs space, how will you react? Planning and preparing for this will go a long way to deal with the situation in a dignified manner, and also keep your man with you. Consider the following ways so that you can understand what you need to do and what is the best way in which to act when your man says that he needs space.

Understand What He Means

To begin with, remember that when your man asks you for space, it does not always mean that he is breaking up with you. In most cases, it just means that the relationship has become too stifling and both of you need to step back to give each other some breathing space.

In other cases, it could be that your man’s work or schedule has become very hectic and he needs a bit of time and space to get things in order. You need to accept the fact that men are very goal-oriented. While women would probably throw the world away for the men they love, men would prefer to get their lives in order so that they can devote themselves more exclusively to their women.

breaking up with you

Respect His Needs

Accept the fact that he needs space. It would be good to agree with him at this point. After all, chances are that the relationship was moving too fast for him or you were too needy and clingy. If you refuse to respect his wishes, then he would be more sure to walk out that door and not look back.

When you agree with your man, you show that you respect his needs, and you also take him off guard. After all, he would have been expecting you to beg or cling. When you agree with him, you turn things around and make him less inclined to give the relationship a break for a long time.

Accept the fact that he needs space

Act With Maturity

As much as you do not want to accept it, you need to remember that some relationships can thrive when you give the other person a little extra space. If the space in your relationship is just a short break, respect your man’s need for it until he is ready to draw close again. On the other hand, if he decides that he would like to permanently call it off, accept this and move on.

While it may sound difficult to do, handling emotionally traumatic situations with dignity speaks a great deal about the person you are. It also leaves a permanent impression in your man’s mind about the way in which you handled things. If he sees you as a stable person, he is more likely to want to be with you again, and work on bettering your relationship.

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Do Not Be Excessively Emotional

Men do not like or appreciate excess emotion. Therefore, although being apart from your man for a while will surely hurt, avoid the temptation to overload him with minute details of everything you feel.

Doing so will just push him away further, and might even cause him to break up with you permanently. While it is natural to feel like crying, yelling or beating your pillow in agony, do all this in private. Airing your feelings will not just alienate your man, but will also give him an ego boost that he has a great deal of control over your emotions.

Do Not Be Excessively Emotional

Be Loyal To Him

When your man asks you for space, avoid the temptation to “get even” by going out on dates with other men. Be loyal. This speaks a lot for the person you are. If you take this opportunity as one where you can flirt and try to hurt your man, then the chances that he is going to bridge the gap with you again are very low. Loyalty goes a long way towards sustaining your relationship and getting things between the two of you to work out again soon.

Be Loyal To Him

Give Him Space But Don’t Be Inaccessible

While you do not need to be a doormat, you do not need to turn completely cold either, if your man tells you that he needs more space. While it is quite a difficult thing to do, maintaining a balanced view of his request for space will go a long way towards telling him what sort of person you are.

Give Him Space But Don’t Be Inaccessible

Apart from this, remember that there might have been a point of time in your relationship where you might have been the one who wanted space. In that case, you would have appreciated it if he treated you with respect, acknowledged your need for space, gave you the space you wanted and if he had to be there to work on your relationship again. Therefore, do the same thing when the roles are reversed.

work on your relationship again

Always keep in mind that asking for space is not the end of the world. While your natural tendency in response to this request might be to cling on to your man, remember that this is just a phase that your relationship has to go through.

The right amount of space for the right amount of time will help your bond grow stronger. You will also get a chance to step back and take a look at how things are going and prevent any possible problems that might arise in the future. Treat your man’s request with the respect and understanding it deserves, and watch as your relationship blossoms in the future.

Always keep in mind that asking for space