How To Apply Blush For Glowing Skin

Apply Blush For Glowing SkinBlushes are used to accentuate the cheek bones and to give a soft glow to the skin. If applied perfectly it can instantly sizzle your skin and eliminate any signs of dullness and fatigue from your skin. However, applying the blush properly can be quite tricky as most of the time too much blush appears to be clownish on skin.

You have to expert the art of blush application for a perfect and flawless look. Here is a step by step guide on how to apply blush to get a gorgeous looking makeup:

Tips To Apply Blush For Glowing Skin

For Rosy Glow

Choose a rosy coloured hue that best suits your skin. Women with pale complexion can choose blushes in peachy tones while ones with medium complexions can go for more coral tones.

Rosy Glow

Start by taking a small quantity on the tip of the brush and gently apply on the cheek bones. Take a large blush to blend the colour till it spreads uniformly and does not look too intense. Try to extend the tint towards the ears to make the cheeks pinched pink.

For Contouring

Use a darker shade of blush than your complexion. You can choose from earthy hues. Make a fish like face where the hollow of your cheeks become prominent. Apply the tint starting on top of where the hollow starts and extend towards the outer corners towards the ear. Take a blending brush and blend until the cheeks look naturally define and contoured with prominence on the bones.

For Pop Tints

Choose a striking shade of your choice and take a very little amount on the tip of the brush. Apply at the centre point of the cheek bone and spread outwards towards the ears. Take a blending brush and making circular strokes blend across the entire area.

Pop Tints

If you want a statement look you need to keep on blending till the colour shows quite prominent yet natural. Blending is the key to this look and if that is not done properly your makeup can appear quite outlandish and funny.

For Highlighting

Use a shade that has shimmery or pearly pigments. Apply just on top of the cheek bones in circular motion and check if reflects under light. This will give you a glowing effect and make your skin look more dewy and fresh. This is a good trick to appear younger and brighter.

Choose Colour Wisely

Choosing the right kind of blush is very important for a glowing look. You need to determine your skin tone and type for this. Generally women with dry and mature skin should invest in cream base blushes while those with oily skin can go for powder blushes.

Choose Colour Wisely

Try to determine a shade that best complements your complexion. This can be done by testing the colour around the jaw area. Often women do the mistake of trying colours on the back of their hands. This can be misleading as the tone of your face and hands may differ.

Extra Caution

Keep some articles handy while you are applying the blush. You should have a large fluffy brush and a blending blush. If require you can carry a mirror with magnifying options. It is best to be prepared with things like wipes and tissues for wiping away excess colour. You can also keep some loose powder to dust over shades if they become very bright or intense.