How To Apply Blush

blushy cheeks

how to apply blushBlush gives a glow to the face. The first step of applying a blush is to choose the right blush. If you have oily skin, you should choose powder blush. You can also use gel blush. If you have normal skin, you should choose cream blush. If you have dry skin, then also you should choose cream blush. The color of the blush should be same as that of the natural skin color. The blush should accent the best features of the face.

If you have a pale skin, you should not use red blush. However, if the color of your skin is bronzed brown, you can use red blush. If you have pale skin, you should choose soft pink blush or you can use a blush that has a combination of pink and tan color. You must know the right method of how to apply blush, which is given as follows.

Different Ways To Apply Blush

Choosing The Blush Color

Choose the light and dark shade of the blush according to your skin tone. If you have a dark skin, you should use a light blush but if you have a light skin, use a natural colored blush like brown.

brown blush color

You can also use tan blush if you have light skin. The right method of choosing the suitable blush color is to match the color of the blush to the fingers when the fist is closed.

Use High Quality Brushes

You should use high quality brushes for applying the blush. Do not use a cheap poor quality brush. Avoid using small brushes. Avoid using alternative things like cotton balls for applying the blush. Do not use the powder puff for this purpose. These alternative things do not help in applying the blush pigments.

Apply The Blush In A Lighted Area

You should apply the blush is an area that has good lighting. Use makeup mirror that is lighted. This will help in emphasizing the features of your face. It will help you in seeing clearly, while you apply the blush. Before you apply the makeup, you should brush the teeth and wash the face. Apply foundation and cover up, after which you can apply the bronzer.

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Apply The Blush

Apply makeup and then use the blush. If the blush is in the form of powder, sweep the brush in the blush. You should tap the brush so that extra blush is removed. Initially, take up small quantity of the blush. Make a fish pose with the face.

Blush the cheeks

Apply the blush on the apple area of the cheeks, which is situated on the round rise. You should not smile as it can lift the cheeks and it can spoil the blush. The blush should be applied on the apple area center and then blend the blush with the brush along the cheekbone.

Applying Cream Blush

If the blush is in the form of cream and gel, you should apply the blush on the ring finger by dabbing it. Apply the blush as dots and then blend it in the apple area with finger or sponge.

Cream Blush

If you want to have a natural look, put the blush on the apple area and remove the extra blush by dusting it off so that the cheeks do not become too rosy. Then, blend the blush.

Blend The Blush

When you apply the blush, the stroke of the brush should start from cheek towards the side near the ears. Do not brush the blush in diagonal direction. Always apply the blush with a clean brush. You can blend the extra blush towards the ear.

When you end blending the blush, you should brush in the downwards direction. If you have applies extra powder blush, you can use translucent powder for covering it. If you have applied extra blush, you can blot it with s tissue. If you have applied extra gel blush, you can wash the area and apply again in little amounts.