How To Apply Concealer For Day Make-Up

concealer for day makeup

concealer for day makeupDo you look tired and worn-out or always feel conscious about acne, freckles or blemishes on your skin? Bring dramatic changes to the way you look by applying a concealer.

It is that magic product which covers all skin blemishes and under-eye dark circles and gives us a porcelain-like complexion and fresh and well-rested look.

A concealer is perfect for quick coverage of skin imperfections. They are available in cream, liquid and stick form and in a wide range of shades to suit different skin tones. But most have not mastered the art of applying a concealer correctly. So get started with these tips and face the world more confidently with a clear and glowing face.

Under-Eye Makeup

With long working hours coupled with unhealthy lifestyles, inadequate and irregular sleep patterns, under-eye dark circles are the most common trait in many women in today’s world. But do not worry. Help is at hand as you can put your best face forward with this magical skin correcting product.

The Correct Shade

The trick is to use a yellow-based creamy concealer in a shade lighter than your skin tone for covering up under-eye darkness. This will brighten up the face by covering the bluish skin tone. If you need just a little coverage, you can easily opt for a stick foundation in one or two shades lighter than your complexion to use as a concealer. But those who have extreme shadows, they will need a corrector to overcome the purple or green under-eye tones.

Always try the shades at the shop counter on your skin to select the correct product. If after applying the shade, the under-eye area looks ashy then it is too light. If it makes the skin dull and does not brighten it up, then the shade is too dark for you. You may need more than one colour to get the perfect flawless look. While on a day when you are feeling fresh, you may need one colour while on a day when you are tired, you may need another shade.

For people with fair complexion, there are shades like porcelain, alabaster, sand, warm ivory etc to choose from. Those with darker skin tone can opt for honey, tan, golden, almond and so on. Bisque, peach or pink-based corrector and yellow-based concealer will neutralize dark circles and light up the eyes.


First prepare the skin around the eye by applying a little bit of hydrated eye cream. It is best to go for a cream that is specially formulated for the sensitive under-eye as other creams could be heavy for the delicate area. Apply only a little and smoothen it up with your fingertips.

Let it get absorbed into the skin for a while. After a few seconds, apply a little corrector with a brush under the eye, from inner corner to the outer corner in half circle shape. Blend it well with the brush or by patting lightly with your fingertips. Now star applying the concealer.

You can use the concealer brush or even your fingertips to blend it well into the inner corners as well as close to the lash line. Look into the mirror and ensure that the skin has lightened up and the finish is smooth. If not satisfied, apply a little more. Experts say that you may go for the same shade again or layer it with a different shade as per the requirement and skin condition on that particular day.

After applying concealer in thin layers, lightly tap the area with the pad of your fingers to blend it well. Otherwise your eyes will look fluffy and the under-eye will look caked-up or the skin can crack. Avoid wiping it with fingertips as the product will get transferred to your finger. Let each layer settle for a while and examine the effect in the mirror.  Experts suggest that it is better to apply it in layers than putting a large amount at a time.

Top it with loose powder in yellow or white tone, as per your complexion. Powder will blend with your covering product and also prevent you eye make-up to smudge into your skin. This will keep you concealer in place all through the day and give you that perfect look.


Pimples or zits are perhaps the bane of the adolescent and adult years for many. It almost ruins the life of the young and adult alike with its repeated and nagging appearance on the face.

The best way to treat them is of course with specially formulated creams for pimples and acnes if the problem is too severe. But if you have a lone pimple your face and you want to cover it, try a high-coverage concealer, that is hydrating but lightweight.


tips for using concealer

Prepare the skin by applying a light moisturiser. Choose a cover-up stick or stick foundation in the exact shade of your skin. Avoid using your under-eye cover cream for the blemishes as a lighter spot of concealer will make it stand out in your face. Apply it directly on the pimple and then seal the concealer by applying a face powder with a puff.


Childhood injuries often leave ugly scars in our faces. There are medicated creams that reduce the intensity of the scar but they are unable to clear the mark completely. In such cases, concealers may come in handy, though may not provide cent per cent coverage.


Again use a moisturizer or primer for smooth application of the coverage product. Then apply the concealer or foundation cream with a brush over the mark. Set it with a skin-tone perfect foundation. Here also use powder with a puff for a smooth finish.


As the skin matures, we start noticing the onset of wrinkles around the mouth, at the corners of the eyes or on the forehead and neck. There are a number of anti-aging creams to counter wrinkles. But concealers also do cover them up to some extent.


Hydrate your skin with rich moisturizers and make-up creams. Good creams and lotions perk up a dull skin. Stick to cream concealers, coupled with foundations and blush as powders often accentuate the wrinkles by setting into them. To shift attention away from the troubled spots, highlight your cheeks with an extra dash of blusher.

Beauty experts advice not to cover deeper wrinkles around the lips with a foundation as it settles into the creases and makes them more prominent. A richly formulated lipstick over a lip balm would keep the lips moist.

So mastering the correct concealer application method is the key to a radiant, energised and smart look. Choosing the correct shade, combined with proper moisturizing, blending and setting of the coverage products are most essential for attaining the desired effect.

The concealers also condition the skin and protect the delicate area under the eyes with their rich formulations. So whether you want to perk up your tired eyes by lessening the dark circles or banish the spots and blemishes, grab those concealers and correctors and get going.