How To Apply Evening Makeup

evening makeup tips

evening makeup tipsLadies always desire to look good and glam all the throughout the day. While naturally good skin can be an added advantage, but that is not enough in certain situations.

Staying natural can be one of the best ways to keep the skin beautiful, but thanks to our pollution laden environment, make up has become one the best saviours to our skin, and it also to helps us look gorgeous. Apart from this, make up also enables us to show-off and project our best face features. But make up for the day and for evening is completely different. While the previous one more on the sober side, the later can be full of drama and bold statements. So read on to discover the correct evening makeup tips to enhance your natural beauty and your persona.

1.    Foundation For Evening Makeup

Foundation is the basic of any kind of makeup. You should always go in for a foundation, which is best suited for your skin type. For instance, if you have oily skin, then you should definitely choose a water based foundation.

While on the other hand, if you have dry skin, then oil based foundation can be your best bet. Apply the foundation properly and evenly on the face and neck region and if you have oily skin, then make sure to dry clean your face prior to the application of the foundation, otherwise later it can form patches on your skin.

2.    Concealers For Evening Makeup

Evening lights or incandescent lights enhance every flaws and details of the skin. So if you think you don’t need one of those concealers to conceal the under eye dark patches and spots on your face, then you are wrong. Prior to the application of face powder, dab some concealer to hide out the imperfections. But be very careful and apply it in light strokes.

3.    Face Powder And Blusher For Evening Makeup

After applying the concealer you should apply some face powder, the one which is best suited to your skin tone and skin type. For people having oily face, a loose powder can be the best option; otherwise you can also go in for compacts. After completing the basic makeup, be ready to dazzle with some gloss and glitters and choose a bold color for your flirtatious look.

Apply some blusher to your cheek bones to enhance them. You should normally apply them right from the cheek bone to the hair lining in front of the ears. And if your complexion is little on the darker side, choose a brown bronzing pearl to enhance your sun-kissed complexion, it looks very sexy and glamorous.

4.    Eye Makeup For Evening

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts of evening makeup. You can go in for many styles, according to yHow To Apply Evening Makeupour desired looks and face features. One of the most popular eye makeups now-a-days is the smoky eyes.

In order to achieve this look, take some black eye shadow and smudge it on your eyelids, but be careful not to extend it up to the brow line. Another style is the metallic look. For this to achieve, choose a black eye liner and apply it in a manner so that the tail of the liner extends beyond the eyes. Then apply a little gray eye shadow on the eye lids.

5.    Lip Colour For Evening Makeup

Last but not the least; lip colour is the most important part of evening makeup. Generally you should choose a more vibrant and bold colour to enhance your lips in the dark. You can go in for a vibrant red or a juicy plum colour for a sumptuous look. And on top of this apply some transparent lip gloss for a sexier look. You should generally avoid lip liner for evening makeup.

So this completes the whole look for the evening makeup, so try these tips and enjoy.