How To Apply Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Putting on makeup can sometimes take a back seat when we are in a hurry. Your eye makeup can really stick out if it is bad, but it can also stick out if it looks wonderful.

The eyes will get you noticed just as quickly as a sexy pout. With a little bit of practice, you can get your eye makeup to look sexy and perfect.

You need to decide the color that you want to use on your eyes. After you have made the critical decision of color, you need to apply it to the entire lid. Then, take the second color of your choice that is lighter and apply it above the darker shade in one stroke.

Eye makeup to look sexy


Next step is the eye liner, and this is going to be the part that defines the eyes. It doesn’t matter if you prefer liquid or a pencil for your eyeliner. Regardless of your choice, you will want to begin applying it from the inside corner of your eye and keeping the line as thin as possible and as close to the eyelid as possible.

Eye Liner

The last and final touch is the mascara. You want to make sure that your lashes don’t clump so the type of applicator is important.


It is also important that you curl the lashes before you apply the mascara. For a thicker look to your lashes, apply a second coat once they are dried. If they come out clumpy, use a comb to get rid of the excess mascara.

Thicker look to your lashes

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By following these few simple guidelines, you can have beautiful, sexy eyes that will make the rest of your face follow through and look absolutely gorgeous. When your eye makeup is applied the right way, you can say a lot of things with your eyes. They are very expressive and say many things about you.

Sexy Eyes

So take the time to learn how to apply your makeup the right way so that you can turn heads and give the looks that kill when it counts. It only takes a few extra moments to apply your makeup and look like a brand new person.

Apply Your Makeup