How To Apply Eye Shadow Makeup For Red Carpet

red carpet makeup

red carpet makeupRed carpet events always demand the ultimate glamour that anyone can sport. Celebrities and stars done their best looks that can end up being future trends and are followed by millions worldwide. However, it is not an easy task to sport the exact look as they can afford master makeup artists we are not fortunate enough to afford.

But it is still possible to get the kind of makeup our favourite stars have been seen wearing with some tricks. A beautiful glowing eye makeup can look great and bright for red carpet looks and will hog all limelight. Here are certain easy steps to apply shadow for Iconic Makeup:

Eye Shadow Makeup For Red Carpet

Prime The Eyes

If you had put on eye makeup earlier, remove any extra with an eye makeup remover. Try to get rid of any residue with a cotton pad. Once all of your eye makeup is removed, apply a brightening eye cream like Estee Lauder Cyber White Eyes. Use an eye shadow primer like Urban Decay on the entire lid. This will enable the makeup to stay for longer time.

Create A Base

matte white shadow

Take a matte white shadow and apply on the lower lid. This forms a base for the actual colours and help to increase intensity and longevity of your makeup.

Choose The Shades

Choose a colour of your choice, and select 3 shades of it. If you want a green shadow look, try to take 3 shades of green- one very light, one medium and one dark. This will intensify the look and create lots of drama. If you use different colours for a single look it may end up looking clownish.

Shadow Tricks

Take the medium shade and apply on the lower lid. With the darker shade draw a line on the crease and extend it to the outer corner of the eye. Take the lightest shade and apply on the centre of the lid and on the inner corners. Take a blending brush and blend the colours for a subtle smoky look. The trick lies in blending them properly.

smoky eyes makeup

If you want striking colours, blend softly so that the pigments stay intact. For smoky effect smudge with the brush and the colour will soften up and give a subtle touch. If you want it to be more dramatic, add a bit of gold or silver pigment on the centre of the lid with the blending brush and allow mixing tenderly. Use the same colour to draw a line below the lower lash line with a thin angled brush.

Finishing Touch

Remember this is an iconic look, so you need to finish the look with utmost care. Take a highlighter and apply under the brow line to give an illuminating effect. Draw a line on the upper lash line with a black gel liner. Do the same thing with the lower lash line. If you have drawn a line with glittery pigment under the lash line, apply the black liner just across the lashes so that they don’t mix up.

Apply white liner to your waterlines to make the eyes look bigger. Curl your lashes and apply several coats of voluminous mascara. You can wear false lashes to make it look more sultry. With these few steps you can create a Diva like eye makeup look by using eye shadows properly and effectively.