How To Apply Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

It seems as though eye shadow can be one of toughest parts of our makeup to apply. It all starts with trying to choose the right color. You want it to go with your eyes and also to blend with your color tone so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.Eye Shadow
But knowing what the right colors are can get a little tricky for some women. It is always a good idea to experiment somewhat till you find the color that seems to be just right for you. Maybe you want to go for a natural look or maybe you are trying to go for a more dramatic look. Either way, you need to apply it just right.

You want to make sure that your eye shadow is blended well. Take the lightest shade of the color you are using and apply between your brows and eye lid. Only go to the crease of the eye. The next darker shade should only be applied to the eyelid.

applied to eyelid

Using the darkest shade, apply that to the crease of the eyelid. Once it is in place, blend the darker and the middle shades together to look seamless. Your last step is to apply some of the eye shadow under your eyes. Do this on the lash line with a fine brush. If you give it a little smudge you will get a nice sexy look.

Many of the eye shadow kits that you can buy will come with three shades of the same color. This will make it much easier when you are trying to figure out which color goes where. If you are wondering which colors to use, let your eye color be your guide.


If you have beautiful baby blues, go with a blue shadow and if your eyes are hazel, green is your color. Green eyes are stunning with gold and if you have beautiful brown eyes you can wear an outrageous color such as purple. Don’t forget that you have a variety of shadows to choose from such as powders, creams and even liquids.