How To Apply False Eye Lashes

Lash Drama

How To Apply False Eye Lashes Every girl dreams of possessing long, dark, curling and lush eyelashes. But in reality it is not possible most of the time. However, many cosmetic products are available in the market that enhance your natural assets and thus fulfill your beauty needs. False eyelashes are one such product.

However, you need to know how to use these false appendages for maximum effect; otherwise your ruse will fall flat.

Sometimes using false lashes may be just for fun. You may suddenly want to sport a sultry glamorous look just for looking sexy and to bring prominence and intensity to your eyes. Whatever may be your reason for using the false lashes, here below we will show you how you can properly apply them to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Decide On The Type Of False Lashes

Choose the color and type of lashes depending on the type of look you would like to sport. While full lashes give a dramatic, bigger eye effect you can also use a small clump of eyelash that is attached only on one corner of your natural lashes and add to the sex appeal of your eyes. The color of the false lashes should complement your natural eyelash color otherwise it will look out of place.

Clean Your Lashes

You need to clean your eyelashes thoroughly before you saddle them with false ones. You can use a toner or eye makeup remover to remove the oil and traces of stale mascara from the surface of your eyelashes. Let them dry off naturally before proceeding further. Curl them with a warm curler for the false lashes to sit naturally on them.

Prepare The False Lashes

If the false lashes are longer or wider than your natural ones, you need to cut them to size. Don’t trim them in one go, in order to provide a more natural effect trim individually. Uneven looks most natural. Cut off the extra width also, however let them remain a slight bit longer than your natural ones for better effect.

Stick Them On

Apply glue evenly on the base of your false lashes. Use only the minimum amount of adhesive you may add later if needed. Let the glue sit in open air for one minute. After the end of that time, go and stand before a mirror and place the false ones on your natural lashes with the help of tweezers as close to the base as possible.

Apply Makeup

Applying eye makeup after attaching the false lashes help them to blend in with the natural ones. First mix the natural and false lashes either with the help of your fingers or with an eye brush. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes while holding the fake ones from above to make them stick together. Use eyeliner to hide the space between the two lashes. And now you are ready to rock.

Care For The False Lashes

Never wear the false eyelashes while sleeping, take care to remove them before going to bed. Do this with the help of a makeup remover. Clean them off and soak in saline solution till the next use.

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