How to Apply Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a growing trend in the fashion industry and have never been so popular. If you look in a fashion magazine or even flick on the television, you will be bombarded with images of women with long and luxurious hair. Hair extensions give a woman the ability to have long and flowing hair, without the hassles associated with growing and maintaining long hair.Because long hair can be such a bother to have, many women are seeking out the easier solution of using hair extensions. These are quick and easy, and if you shop carefully, not too expensive.

If you are going to get some hair extensions, there are many different aspects which you need to consider. There is more than one method to apply hair extensions. The choice of right one depends on the type of hair you want and where you want it to be.

If you want to go for an easier option, you should look for a clip-in extension. You can buy either real or artificial hair that can be clipped onto your regular hair easily. With a clip-in piece, you can simply attach the extension to your own hair and you are ready to go. There is little hassle and it does not take long to apply.

Do you want something that is a little bit more permanent than a clip-in extension? You may want to take a look at the option of weaving. This is a method that may be adopted by someone who knows what she is doing, so you should go to a professional. The hair stylist will separate the hair on your head and weave in the extension or extensions. This can last for a very long time and is a method that should be chosen if you want to have a more permanent type of extension.

Braiding is another method which is quite popular. A section of hair is taken and the extension is then braided in. There are many different methods of braiding, so you will need to talk to your stylist about which one you want to choose.