3 Tips To Apply M.A.C. Eyeshadow

Tips To Apply M.A.C. Eyeshadow

M.A.C. Cosmetic line has introduced a wide range of eye makeup products that suit every skin type and fulfill every beauty need. If your tastes for eye makeup are inclined for bold intense colors for a sexy unique look M.A.C. cosmetic counter is your one stop shopping destination.

There you will find all that you require. Here we’ll discuss the right procedure for applying you M.A.C. eyeshadow for maximum effect.

Cleansing And Moisturization

To do any makeup right it is very important to clean and moisturize your face thoroughly with a good quality product that is both gentle, as well as actively smoothen & nurture your facial skin. First of all thoroughly clean your face using a mild face wash and pat dry. Use a natural moisturizer that uses essential oils and petroleum jelly among other ingredients for a complete moisturization of your skin.

Apply the moisturizer in a slow circular motion massaging your skin in order to facilitate blood flow. Allow your face to absorb the goodness of the applied cream so give a hiatus of ten minutes before you proceed further with your eye makeup.

For the eye region use an eye moisturizing cream. Apply it gently so as not to stretch the delicate skin there. These creams prevent the appearance of age lines, loose sagging skin and wrinkles which are a bane for the beauty of your eyes. Let the cream set for another ten minutes.

Cleansing And Moisturization


Prepare The Eye Base

The first thing you will need is a M.A.C. Paint Pot which is a long staying vibrant intense eye color, creamy in consistency but once dried enhances your eye makeup. The Paint Pot need to be chosen in accordance with the eyeshadow you are going to apply later. For a natural plain look there is Bare Study, whereas Blackground will give your eyes a smoky, dramatic effect.

Now transfer your attention to the eyebrow bone. Use a light shade that goes well with your chosen eyeshadow to highlight the brows. For example, shimmery brow will go well with matte eyeshadow and vice versa. Another M.A.C. product you need to use before the actual shadow is the Wash Over eye paint which will become the underlying base for your eye shadow. Use a makeup brush to apply it evenly.

Prepare The Eye Base

The M.A.C. Eye Shadow

Brush your eyeshadow from the inner edge of your eyes to the outer in sure bold strokes of the brush. With a darker shade you can bring depth and definition to your eyes. Apply the brush thoroughly to blend the shadow uniformly over your eyes so that no creases or space remains.

Now line your eyes to define them. M.A.C. has a wide range of eyeliners of various types, you can choose gel, fluid or pencil form. Choose the one that suits you completely and apply effectively.

The M.A.C. Eye Shadow

Finish the eye makeup by curling the eyelashes and applying suitable M.A.C. mascara, use two coats for better results. Always keep a blending brush at hand to achieve uniformity of application; this is the secret of a perfect eye makeup.

Eye makeup-1

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