How To Apply Make-Up For Brown Eyes

Apply Make-Up For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the easiest to dress up, since they favour both light and dark shades. The choices of colours available to people with brown eyes are limitless and a lot of experimentation is possible with a wider range of hues. The biggest advantage is that since you have a deeper eye colour, you can wear dark colours and get away with it, without exaggerating your look up.


Additionally, you are free to match your eye make-up with the outfit you are donning. One key factor to remember that the entire make-up will be to bring out your eyes, which imply that the rest of your make-up needs to be as neutral as possible.

Accentuating any other part of your face will only lead to an overall garish look. Brown eyes do not have a complementary colour, unlike other eye colours. This is because brown already contains shades of blue, red and yellow. Thus, when it comes to brown eyes, almost all hues of eyes shadow or liners work well.

Tips To Apply Make-Up For Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Eyes

These eyes tend to appear almost black, so medium to dark colours work well for them. To prevent your eyes from looking too gothic, apply some highlight colours while refraining from using colours that are too bright because they will tend to stand out unnaturally.

Dark Brown Eyes


Medium Brown Eyes

This is the most versatile of all the browns and almost all colours look great with this eye colour. Use pinks, peaches and browns to make your eyes stand out. To make your eyes look bright, use a lighter shade of eye shadow, like pink or blue, to crease your eye. Alternatively, use shimmery eyeliner and crease the lower line of your brow with a similar shade to make your eyes pop out.

Medium Brown Eyes


Light Brown Eyes

Refrain from using black eye liner as it can make your eyes look harsh and use a brown eyeliner instead. Also, limit the use of darker eye shadows to the crease of your eye and instead use lighter eye shadows. If you have flecks in your eyes, use the same colour as your flecks as the highlighting eyeliner.

Light Brown Eyes

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When choosing an eye shadow, brown as a colour actually works very well despite the fact that it exactly matches your eye colour. Just ensure that it is not a flat or a very matte brown. Choose a slightly shiny or shimmery brown and it will work wonders on your eyes.

choosing an eye shadow

Teaming brown with other colours is an excellent idea. Smoky greens, like olive or khaki, add an extra zing to the eyes and when mixed with brown and a gold highlighter, the overall effect is one oozing sex appeal. Similarly, blur works very well in making brown eyes look like they are sparkling. However, blue is also a colour that is very easy to get wrong and over-application can lead to a very harsh effect.

Smoky greens, like olive or khaki

Stick to softer blues and make very slight applications to get a jeweled look. When it comes to mascara, almost all colours look fantastic on brown eyes. While brown and black mascara work well for the day, experiment with colours such as navy blue look excellent for night outs.

While brown and black mascara