How To Apply Makeup In Five Minutes

makeup3We all know that best way to put on makeup is by taking our time and really making sure that we do it properly. The sad reality is that we don’t always have time to make our eyes look dark and luminous or to use a lip liner to create the perfect base for our lipstick.

Even the most organized person has days when everything falls apart and they only have five minutes to get out the door and they haven’t had a chance to even think about putting on their makeup on.

The good news is that just because you happen to be running late, doesn’t mean that you have to race out the door with a naked face. As long as you are willing to skip some things, like curling your eyelashes, it is possible to put your makeup on in five minutes.


The first thing you should do is apply moisturizer. The good thing about moisturizing is that you don’t need a mirror to rub it into your skin. You can hydrate your skin while you help your five year old locate a missing tennis shoe.


As soon as you have a few minutes to stand in front of the mirror you should use your foundation brush to apply your foundation, you can do this with one hand and use your other hand to brush your teeth. When you are in a hurry you should stick to powder foundation.


Once you have your foundation applied, you should rinse out your toothbrush and try to get your mind to focus and making yourself beautiful. The next step in the five minutes make up process is to put on your blush. Again your powder blush is always easiest when you are in a hurry. Use your powder brush to blend your blush.

Eye shadow

Next you will need to put on your eye shadow. You don’t have time to do anything fancy right now. Just color in your eyelid and call it good. At this point you need to decide if you are steady enough to handle your eyeliner and mascara wand. If you are someone who turns klutzy when you are in a rush you should skip these two things.

All that you have left is to swipe your mouth with your favorite shade of lipstick and run out the door.