How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

makeup tipsAll of us want to achieve the best look through makeup. However, in spite of investing adequate time and money we are able to achieve the kind of look that our favourite movie stars sport on the red carpet.

We should remember that there are a lot of hands behind a movie star’s glamorous avatar as they can afford millions only on their grooming and styling. The professional touch in makeup can be achieved by common women as well if some simple tricks are followed. Here are some ways on how to apply makeup like a professional:

Ways To Apply Makeup Like A Professional

Start With Skin Care

Remember a dry skin is not a very good platform to apply makeup. Always start by hydrating the skin. Use a moisture surge cream or serum so that your skin becomes smooth and the makeup can spread and blend easily.


It is also advisable to use a brightening eye cream to revive tired looking eyes and for an immediate perk. If you have chapped lips use a lip balm to make it soft.

Apply Makeup Primer

No matter what your foundation is like, dewy or matte, the application of primer is very necessary for a brighter and long-staying look. Primer gives sheer professional touch to your look.


Neither does it create a velvety base for the makeup to blend easily but it also refines pores and considerably smooth lines. If there is one thing in your makeup that you want to invest a few bucks then that is primer as they don’t generally come very cheap.

Cover Scars

Try to choose a professional concealer kit available in the market. This will be better than any concealer sticks or creams as not every part of your face are equal in colour.

cover scars

The dark circles that need to cover are more greenish in colour than the acne scars or age spots. A concealer kit consists of several useful shades that will enable you to mix and match to achieve the exact shade to cover the area.

Ace Your Base

Remember to select the exact shade of your skin tone while choosing a foundation. While purchasing try it near the jawline and not on the back of your hand as that will help you to match the exact skin tone. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush or makeup sponge applicator. This will give you a perfectly blended makeup. Always remember the more you blend the more perfect your makeup be and you will get an even toned complexion with a natural radiance.

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Eyes Right

Again prime your eyes with a primer before applying eye shadow, then use an eye shadow that goes well with your eye colour and skin undertone. Start to build your shadow slowly and steadily. Quick and too much application of the product can be quite messy.

black eyeliner

If you are using a liner and want precision use a gel liner and an angle brush to apply it. Always curl your lashes and apply a mascara at the end. Even if you are skipping the liner and shadow, the mascara alone can change the overall look.

Lip Tips

Line your lips first with light strokes and then fill in with the colour of your choice with a lip brush. For a shiny and sensuous pout finish off with a gloss just at the centre of the mouth. If you want more contoured effect, use a concealer at the corner of the mouth to seal the colour as some colours like red, wine and corals can bleed and appear too distributed.

Lush Blush

Keep blushing for the last touch of makeup. This will help you choose the right shade of blush and how you want your makeup be.

lush blush

For a more contoured effect start with a bronzer from the hollow of your cheeks towards the ear. Then apply a glowing blush on the apples of the cheeks. This will make a radiant and perfectly chiselled feature.