How To Apply Makeup On Oily Skin

makeup tips for oily skin

makeup tips for oily skinOily skin is a naturally beautiful skin. Oily skin looks very glamorous and is less prone to the signs of ageing and remains younger for many years, but apart from this, there are also a lot of problems associated with oily skin, among which acne being one of the main problems.

Whenever the skin is loaded with extra moisturizer or creams the skin pores gets clogged resulting in formation of acne. Another problem of oily skin is the extra shine that always remains on the face, making it appear more greasy and sticky. In order to prevent this and to make oily skin appear more flawless, makeup experts have created various makeup accessories specially dedicated for oily skin. So here are some tips on how to apply makeup on oily skin, without messing it up.

1. Preparing The Face For Makeup

As oily skin is more prone to oiliness, we need to properly prepare the skin for application of the makeup. Otherwise the makeup will start to melt soon after a few minutes. To prepare the face for the makeup, first wash the face with oil-balancing face wash and towel dry the face. Then after a few minutes, soak a cotton ball in water and squeeze out the water. In that soak-in a little bit of astringent. The astringent will wipe off the oil from the face, and will also prevent it from further oiling.

2. Applying Foundation On Oily Skin

Foundation is the base of any makeup. If applying foundation as a base becomes problematic for you to hold the makeup for too long, then you may try to apply a face primer, prior to the application of the foundation. While choosing a foundation, you should be aware that oily skin tends to become darker with time, due to oil production. Hence you should choose a foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apart from this, always remember to use a water-based and matte foundation, this will ensure a shine free complexion. Apply the foundation in light strokes with sponges.

3. Face Powder For Oily Skin

A pressed powder or a loose powder is the best face powder option for oily skin. Again, choose the powder which is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. For applying the face powder, take a brush and apply the powder lightly over the face. You may re-apply the face powder in equal intervals of time, to control the shine on your face.

4. Blusher For Oily Skin

Blushers are used to highlight the cheek-bone area. And if you want to get a flawless and shine-free look, then a powder blusher would be best for you. Never use creamy or liquid blushers on your oily face, as they will increase the oil on your face even more. Choose a blusher colour which is one tone lighter than the colour you want it to be, because that will darken with time. Apply the blusher with a blusher brush starting from your cheek bone area to the hair line near the ear.

5. Eye Liner And Eye Shadow For Oily Skin

Always choose an eye liner which is water proof, because as oily skin has a tendency to sweat and produce oil, it may destroy the liner by smudging it away. After that choose a powder eye shadow and apply it over your eye lids. You should always choose powder eye shadow, as creamy and liquid eye shadow will make your skin appear shinier and will also be heavy on your skin.