How To Apply Mascara

tips to apply mascara

tips to apply mascaraWho doesn’t want to have long and luscious eyelashes just like movie stars and celebrities are seen flaunting? A little mascara bottle is the only thing that can help you achieve those beautiful eyelashes.

Though it sounds quite simple, but applications of mascara is not that easy, mainly because of its liquid state and the fact that it is essential to keep the eyelashes and hands steady while applying mascara.

Here are some great tips to learn how to apply mascara to get perfect eyelashes.

Eyelash Tools

You need to have certain tools in order to get perfect eyelashes. You would require an eyelash comb, eye lash curler, water proof mascara, ear buds, and some tissue paper.

Choosing The Right Mascara

Mascaras are available in a wide variety of qualities, types, and shades. While choosing mascara, make sure to choose a color that matches the color of your eyelash most closely. Another thing that you must consider is the different kind of mascara variants that are available today.

For instance, those with short eyelashes should go for lengthening mascara, whereas people with thin eyelashes should ideally choose thickening mascara. Similarly, you can pick out long wearing mascara if you want it to last the entire day without smudging. Waterproof mascaras are ideal for rainy season.

Tips To Apply Mascara

Before applying mascara, first of all pull your hair back to prevent it from interfering with application of the liquid.

If your eyelashes are straight, you can make use of a eyelash curler to give it some body and curl. After curling them, use eyelash comb to separate out all the eyelashes clumped together before applying mascara.

Mascara should always be applied in the end, after applying rest of the eye makeup including eye liner and eye shadow. This is because if you apply it first, you will have to reapply mascara if eyeliner or any other makeup is not applied perfectly.

Ideally, mascara should first be applied on lower lashes and then on the upper lashes. However, if you want to apply mascara on upper lashes first, then make sure that it dries up properly before you apply it to lower lashes.

Squeeze the brush out from the mascara bottle and apply it with a steady hand, starting from the base to the tip in a single stroke. Experts suggest that you to hold the mascara brush at a 90 degree angle to get best results.

Avoid blinking your eyes till the mascara has dried up completely to avoid smudging. Once it has dried up, blot the excess mascara by holding a small piece of tissue between lower and upper eyelashes.

In case you get some extra mascara on your eyelids, simply dip an ear bud in baby oil and use it to rub the affected area gently. This will help in removing all smudged mascara traces.

Mascara is one of the most important makeup items and suit women of all colors as well as ages. They serve as the perfect way of making your eyes speak out their own language and communicate with others beautifully.

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