Tips To Apply Mineral Foundation Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Mineral foundation makeup is a very good option for a healthy glow and most important without having the harmful effect on the delicate skin of the face. This particular makeup is lightweight and in addition, it offers natural protection from the harmful rays of the sun, which can cause various skin diseases and problems.

Mineral Makeup

Follow the following tips and suggestions to apply this makeup in the right and proper way.

It is very essential to clean and moisturize the face properly. Use a gentle face cleanser and then apply a very light moisturizer according to the skin type. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes to let it sink in to the skin.

moisturize the face

The next step is to apply the mineral foundation. You can apply mineral foundation makeup directly on the problem areas and then blending it well with the help of a clean makeup sponge or brush. If you want a medium coverage, then use a dry brush and sponge but if you want a heavy coverage, then use a damp brush or sponge.

After covering the blemishes the next step is to use a mineral foundation powder. Open the lid of the foundation and put a small quantity of the foundation powder on the brush from the cap. You can opt for a medium sized kabuki foundation brush for the best results. It is very important to tap off any extra foundation powder.

foundation powder

In order to blend the foundations properly use a dry and clean fluffy powder brush. If you want to go for a matt finish then you need to sweep on a light layer of the mineral finishing powder. You can also go for a dewy finish but you need to apply an illuminator for this purpose. Go for an illuminator with mica mineral pigments for that perfect look.

powder brush

Now you can apply the mineral makeup very easily and successfully. Follow the above things and just see and feel the difference in the way you look without really having a negative effect on the skin of the face, which is very sensitive.