How To Attract The Man You Desire

tips on attracting a man

tips on attracting a manRippling muscles, the perfectly tanned body, eyes that make your drown in their depths, a cute crooked smile, magnetism that draws you to him even from a distance – this just might be the man of your dreams.

Or, you might prefer the silent type – the geeky, quiet, simple guy, who generally stays away from woman, but who appeals to you most basic feminine instincts of exploring the seemingly unattainable. No matter what is your idea of the perfect guy, you would definitely wish to know how to attract a man and have a meaningful relationship with him.

There are many ideas that have been propounded by different people as to how to attract a man. However, not all of these really work, since many people focus on just getting a man and not keeping him. There is, however, a standard set of rules that apply to attracting men permanently. Follow these rules for sure success in attracting a man and to build a lasting relationship with him.

Take Time To Find Out About Him

In order to attract a man, you need to find out more about him. Think about the entire process of attracting a man as being similar to fishing. If you are going catch a particular type of fish, you need to know very well about the fish, and only then will you know what bait to use.

Similarly, take time to find out about the man. Find out if he is available, as well as what are his likes, dislikes and goals. A mutual friend would be the perfect person to help you with this information.

Be Yourself

Many women tend to become artificial imitations of their counterparts, who they believe are more successful. These could be movie stars, supermodels or just anyone who claims to be successful in life. Do not imitate others. Just be yourself.  He needs to be attracted to who you really are, and not just what you seem to be.

If he gets attracted to an illusion, then your man will walk out the door once he realizes that you are not what you seemed to be. Avoid the temptation to layer on loads of makeup and wear skimpy clothing when being around him. While the eyes of the man of your dreams might focus on you, his heart definitely will not. Therefore, just be natural and be yourself.

Find Common Ground

Finding common ground is essential in order to attract a man. While you do not need to be exactly like him, you could try to cultivate common interests. For example, the man you would like to attract could be a lover of music. Probably he plays a guitar.

effective tips to attract a man

Why not consider learning to play a musical instrument as well? Or, if he works out a lot, trying to get a membership in the same gym could go a long way in attracting him. After all, a gym is not all that bad. You get a chance to get in shape, and you also get a chance to work out in the presence of the man you love. It is a huge turn on for a fitness-loving guy to see a woman working out in his presence, especially if you choose the right workout clothes.

Be Confident

Men like confident women. Therefore, work on your self-confidence, especially when you are around him. There is a big difference between being self-confident and over-confident. Therefore, avoid being egotistical, opinionated or excessively independent.

You would not want to portray yourself as a man in women’s clothes, nor would you want to seem like a spineless person. Therefore, strike a balance and just be self-confident, not just when you are around him, but at all times. If you really do attract him, then he would wish to find out more about you. If you wear a mask of confidence, the mask is sure to slip away in a while and he will walk away from you.

Wear A Smile

A smile is your best accessory. You may not be drop-dead gorgeous or have the body of a super-model. You may not be able to afford to buy the best clothes or accessories. However, a smile can transform the most plain girl into a beautiful one. Keep in mind, though, that there is a world of difference between having a smiling face and being a giggler.

If you break into giggles at everything he says, there is absolutely no way that you will be able to attract the man of your dreams. On the other hand, he is more likely to run in the other direction. A smile should be like clothing – not too much, not too little, perfect for the occasion and comfortable.

Do Not Flirt

Men like what they can’t have. If you are easy to get, the chances of attracting a man are very low. However, maintaining your dignity, and drawing a clear line as to how far you are willing to go without commitment, will bring out the hunting instincts in a man. Men just love the chase – if you wish to attract a man, pique his curiosity.

Avoid the temptation to flirt with him in order to attract him. Flirting might get him to notice you, but there is no guarantee that it will make him want you. Flirting will encourage him to flirt with you in return, but it lowers your value in his eyes and the chances of him considering a relationship with you are practically non-existent if you flirt with him.

Be His Friend

When it comes to attracting a man, it is not just enough to get his attention. Remember that the purpose behind attracting a man is to have a meaningful relationship with him. Therefore, work towards being his friend and sharing things with him.

Share his interests, get to know what happens in his life, and be there for him. This will ensure that apart from just attracting the attention of the man of your dreams, you will also get to build a relationship with him that will last a lifetime.