2 Tips To Avoid Being A Clingy Girlfriend

Avoid Being A Clingy GirlfriendRecently you have been thinking a lot about yourself and have started having problems with identifying with your own self. You have been hearing your husband or your boyfriend and a lot of people like your friends your relatives complaining that you have changed or that you are not your usual self.

You have been feeling a little too distant from your beau. You find your boyfriend to be avoiding you or you find him spending a lot of time out with his friends. If the answer is yes for all the above questions then you might have become an example of the newly invented CGS IE clingy girl friend syndrome.

To be able to perfectly understand your situation and work upon it what is necessary for you is to identify yourself. Here’s a quiz. Try and answer the questions in yes or no.

In a room with your boy friend you cannot help yourself from kissing, hugging or leaning on him? Whenever possible you try to call text or mail him and keep in contact with him where ever he is. You are in a constant process of thinking what he would be doing and finding ways to cross check the details he provide you with of his where about.

You do not like his visiting his parents or relatives especially when you are not accompanying him to the place. You prefer to choose a location which is less crowded. If possible you still have an urge to secretly check his cell phone or mail accounts. You try to hack in into his social network accounts. You always feel like being around him and surprising him when he is out.

Secretly check his cell phoneYou feel insecure when he talks about a girl or any older or younger female. You try to delay or cancel most of his plans with his friends. You find yourself unhappy when he is not around. For you your only source of happiness has shortened to your boy friend. You have lately started avoiding your girl friend. If most of the situations frequently happen with you then you for sure are a very fatal state of clingy girl friend syndrome.

Effects Of Being Clingy

When you try to impose yourself on someone forcefully the other person tends to lose interest in you. For example if your tee shirt starts becoming to fitted and you start getting suffocated in it even if it is your favorite tee for some time you might stick to it but later or sooner you tend to discard it. In the same way when a person starts getting suffocated in a relationship the relationship tends to be nearing its end.

Boys are very different from girls in nature. They tend to love you dearly make you feel loved and when you are with them you get a feeling of being secure. But if you want to be always around them they start losing interest in you. They find you always at their back and hence you start losing your importance and place in their life.

Boys always tend to be attracted to girls who are free spirited happy loving caring and at the same time contend and fun to be. They always desire a space for their own self. Boys enjoy girls who tend to complain less and stay happy and enjoy more.

Boys always tend to be attracted to girlsIf every time you are with your boyfriend and you keep complaining and arguing with him asking him too many questions and trying to always find out his minute to minute routine. Your boy friend will soon try to find out was to avoid you and finally some day when he would not be able to stand being a captive he would run on loose. And you would be left all alone to just cry on your shattered dreams and broken hearts.

Arguing with him asking him too many questionsBeing Less Clingy And More Mysterious

Humans have always been attracted to things they are forbidden. Likewise boys have always been attracted to girls who are too independent, hard to find, mysterious and out of league. You will always notice that you have evolved through the process of being in a relation.

What you were when you started the relation and what you are always poles apart image of your own self. When you start the relationship you avoid him make him run after you, be a women who is hard to crack and maintain a aura of a mystery women with your man but by now things have become just the opposite.

Start the relationshipToday your boy has no time for you seem to be the one running after him. He seems to be mysterious and you acting Sherlock Holmes trying to catch him red handed in crime.

The best way to get your position importance and make your boy friend fall all over in love with you again is that you become the same mystery women again. Be independent act a little pricy and see what follows next. He would probably be standing right on your porch with a bouquet asking you out on date and following you mad as if you have just met him.

Boy friend fall all over in love with youYou love him and you were born as a genetically-sweet person. But believe me; not allowing yourself to depend on him entirely and cling too much can only do wonders to you, your social life and your relationship. Time to pass on the title, girl! Experience falling in love all over again. Be free and maintain space live your life and let him live his life only then can you two live love think as two adults and plan your future ahead with each other.

A little space can work wonders for a relationship and give it a new life. So stop being cling creepy and all demanding because at the end of the day what matters is love and the strongest pillar for your long term relation is trust. Trust him and see how he would never break your trust ever again. Decision is yours, so do not think just learn from your mistakes.

Give it a new life