How To Avoid Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

avoid excess weight gain during pregnancy

avoid excess weight gain during pregnancyPregnancy is a beautiful time – it has its joys, and brings along with it the immense fulfilment of motherhood. However, there are some who might feel that it could be quite a bane, especially if they are conscious about weight gain.

If you are worried about how to avoid excessive weight during pregnancy, then following some simple suggestions will help you keep off those extra pounds and continue to look just the way you did before getting a baby, always.

How To Avoid Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Have A Healthy Breakfast

Many people associate weight gain with eating, and therefore tend to cut down on food. This could cause a number of health problems, especially if you are pregnant. Avoid the tendency to cut down on food, but rather eat a balanced diet. Ensure, especially that you do not skip breakfast.

Skipping breakfast will impact your unborn child and deprive it of the nutrition that it requires. Apart from that, skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism and lead to increased weight gain. This is the first step to staying in shape while you are pregnant.

Cut Out On Fried Foods And Fast Foods

While at home, choose to boil or steam your food as far as possible. Cooked oils and fast foods tend to cause weight gain, and in some people, even add to the build-up of cholesterol in the blood stream.

Eating baked, boiled or steamed foods will ensure that you get the right nutrition, as well as cut out on saturated fats. If you intend to eat at restaurants, check as to how the food is prepared. You will find that most restaurants will accommodate your needs if you request specifically for steamed foods.

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Get Optimum Exercise

how to avoid weight gain during pregnancy

While you do not need to work yourself into a sweat, getting sufficient exercise even while pregnant will help you stay fit and in shape. Exercising for at least 20 minutes each day will get your blood flowing and will also make you feel great.

Taking a brisk walk will also suffice in this regard. If you find it difficult to walk, spend a few minutes each day to do a few basic stretching exercises around the house.

Sleep Well

Your body’s metabolism is boosted when you sleep well, and this in turn leads to better health. When your metabolism functions properly, excess fat is burned and it will help you to prevent excess weight gain. Ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep each night. This will not only boost your metabolism, but will also help you look great.

While the above tips work, keep in mind, though, that it is not recommended that you remain stick-thin during pregnancy. A reasonable amount of fat does accumulate while you are pregnant, as this is needed for the nourishment and support of your unborn child, as well as to take care of your own body’s increased needs. This fat, however, gets toned down after the birth of your child. If you follow the above mentioned suggestions, you will be able to avoid excessive weight gain, you will look great, and you will also be healthy and fit.