How To Be The Center Of Attraction

center of attraction tips

center of attraction tipsJust like boys will be boys girls will always be girls. Every girl after she attains adolescence dreams to be the center of attraction for people around her. Wherever she is she always want people to notice her, like her, and look at her, be it a party, in school and in college, it is a must.

In the early adolescence period she wants her parents to be dutiful towards her needs, love her more than her siblings, and take good care of her desires. In the later stage when she gets to high school she wants girls of her class and all guys to notice her, admire her and talk about her. So much of attention and pampering and admiration make a girl feel special. So we finally come to a conclusion that a girl’s true dream is to be the CENTER OF ATTRACTION in all fields of her life.

Being a center of attraction is generally not a very easy task. Although it sounds easy and seems it can easily be achieved it needs a full proof plan to finally achieve your dream.

The main hindrance to this so called simple plan is that it is a very competitive job  when you will thoroughly start working on gaining attraction you will find that each and every girl around you wants the same thing that you want, may be you bests girl friend can even turn out to be your competition. But if you follow certain guidelines and work on it perfectly then you are sure to attract eye balls and a lot of hearts.

Here’s How to Start:

Always Look Perfect

How you look, how you dress, what you wear and obviously where you wear it matters a lot. Try and update your knowledge about fashion, always be in trend and keep in touch with the new release of fashion collections.

Always be the first to start a trend and try not to follow someone else’s dressing. What you wear is not suppose to be always of a high strata brand it can be from any brand just as long it is fashionable and looks good on you. If you can carry it well you are sure to be a dazzling diva.

Make a Style Of Your Own

It is always said that things that are copyright protected are copied most. So why not you introduce your own style signature, your fashion statement and call it your style. We have always seen that celebrities have a certain style statement of their own which makes them famous and makes them stand out in crowd.

For example lady gaga –she is famous for her unique clothing style and the type of aura she creates around her. All this makes her attractive. So if you want people to look at you and envy you, you got to get a style patent to yourself that exclusively describes you and is not copied from anyone else.

Right Attitude And a Right Nature

center of attraction tips

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People who are good to look at and bad to talk at are very unlikely to be loved or admired. If you really want to be admired and be the center of attraction you need to have a deadly combination of good looks and good heart.

People tend to generally fall for girls who are sweet natured, well mannered and sugar talked. So try and work on all you flaws at heart and be ready to turn into an earthly angel. Be friendly and you are sure to win hearts

Just Be Yourself

Just like a makeup or a mask are not long lasting, in the same way people who pretend to be good do not have long lasting relationships or friendship. So if you truly want to be loved try and be your real self.

Although in the start people might not like your anger or your other flaws but at least if they would love you they would love you for you truly are and that would last forever. You would at the end of the day not feel like a cheater and nor will the people around you feel cheated.

Act Normal And Have Fun

If you tend to attract attention that does not mean that you would always have to be conscious that people are noticing you and hence you have to be always perfect. Do not try to control what you are or what you really want to do because that would hamper your life.

Be fun have fun enjoy yourself talk to people try and interact with them. Go out with friends and do things normally. Do not start acting pricy or try an act to perfect. It’s your life enjoy it to the fullest.

Be Friendly

If you want to be a center of attraction that does not mean that you will have to be limited. If you want people to love you try and be with them. Talk with everyone around you. Invite them and try to expand your social network. Let people know that you are one among them and they can always come to you for help.

The more you make friends the more people will talk about you. One would talk about you to other and hence this is how your name shall travel all around. This is how you start being the center for all talks. And the best part about it is that you would really be nice and everyone would talk nice things about you.

Do Not Try A Little Too Hard

Even if you cannot achieve all the attention you will be the attraction for at least 60% of the people; do not try and act irrationally to gain the 40% attention.Do not drain yourself emotionally and physically all into this.

Keep being the center of attraction as a part of your life and do not make being the center of attraction as the motive of living your life. Try all theses and you are sure to go places!