How To Bikini Wax at Home

bikini wax

bikini waxMost of us want a clean bikini area but we either find it awkward to let any stranger near it or cannot afford to spend money in a high end salon to get it done. Well, the good news is that bikini wax can easily be done at home. Follow these simple steps to do your bikini wax yourself. All you need is patience and one hour’s time.

How To Bikini Wax at Home

Buy the Required Wax Kit

To begin with, buy the wax kit which you would prefer. You can buy hard wax or quick wax strips. They are easily available at local cosmetics stores. Keep in mind that the hair in your bikini area is rough and hard. So choose the wax kit wisely.

Trim the Hair

The hair in your bikini area should not be too long or too short. In other words, they should be about a quarter of an inch. If they are longer than that, then trim them with scissors before you proceed. If they are shorter than quarter of an inch, wait for a couple of days for them to grow and then proceed with the bikini wax.

Clean the Bikini Area

After trimming the hair, dust your bikini area with a dry cloth to remove any loose hair. Put talcum powder on the hair so that the wax sticks only to the hair. If you’re using wax strips, cut a couple of them into smaller sizes so you can remove the hair from even the smallest regions.

Apply the Wax

Now for this step, first put on gloves for sanitation purposes. Second, you need a mirror to help you apply the wax to the required areas. If you are using hard wax, apply it with the help of a spatula in the same direction as the hair growth. If you are using waxing strips, place them gently on the required areas. Cover small areas once at a time.

Remove the Hair

If you are using hard wax, then place the wax removal strip on the wax and gently press it so that the strip sticks evenly to the wax. Now with one swift motion pull the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. In the case of waxing strips, the same process needs to be followed.

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Wiping the waxed area

After waxing the required area, wipe the skin with an antiseptic toner. This makes sure that any dirt or bacteria which could’ve settled in your skin pores would be wiped off and the toner will also close the pores.

Front to back

While waxing, work your way from the front to the back. Wax the easy areas first, and then the difficult regions. As mentioned earlier, use a mirror while waxing the intricate areas.

Cleanse the skin

After you are done waxing completely, apply either an aloevera based cream or almond oil over your bikini area. This will soothe your skin.

So, follow these basic steps, save yourself some money and enjoy working on your new skill of giving yourself a bikini wax at home.