How To Blow Dry Hair With A Brush

How To Blow Dry Hair With A Brush

How To Blow Dry Hair With A Brush Blow drying your hair is the easiest and simplest way to get the salon look. You just need a good blow dryer which comes with a diffuser and a proper brush, that suits your hair type, to get the look you desire.

However, though simple, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you go ahead with your plan to blow dry your hair perfectly. It is for this reason that you should learn how to blow dry hair with a brush.

How To Blow Dry Hair With A Brush For The Sleek And Straight Look

You can blow dry your hair to create the sleek and straight look. For this look, you need a paddle brush or any other flat brush with densely packed bristles. The flat and wide brushes will lend a smoothening and frizz free effect to your hair. Now, for blow drying, use a styling product to give your hair a more permanent straight look.

Divide your hair into 4-5 sections and start drying each section individually. Hold your blow dryer at least 6 inches away from your hair and hold it in such a way that the air flow moves from the roots to the tips. Follow this routine for all the sections. Complete your look by dabbing some shine glow. Thus, you know now how to blow dry hair with a brush.

How To Blow Dry Hair With A Brush For The Voluminous Look

If you want to add texture and volume to your hair, you should choose the round brush with wide bristles. The round brush will give your curls the proper shape and volume it needs. It helps create better lifts and thus nice soft curls are formed.

In order to learn how to blow dry your hair with a brush to get the voluminous look, you have to lift the sections of the hair that comes comfortably into your brush upward from the roots and then blow dry it from the roots to the tips. The upward movement will help in creating the volume.

If you want curls at the end of your hair, you can roll your hair with your round brush while the blow dryer is still on. To create a curl that goes inward, roll your hair around the round brush in the inward direction. If you want a curl outside, roll your hair outward, to form the curls.

A Few Important Points That Will Show You How To Blow Dry Your Hair With A Brush

Shampoo and condition properly. Though blow drying your hair with a brush can give amazing results in the way you look, the heat is not good for the hair. Therefore, using a thermal protectant is essential. Humidity can destroy your blow dried hair, so use a hair spray for better hold.

With all these easy steps at your fingertips, you can get perfect curls if you use a blow drier to perfection. However, it is of utmost importance that you take the necessary protection before using a blow drier.