4 Tips To Brush Long Hair

Brush Long Hair

Long hair looks beautiful on everyone but also requires tremendous care. Even a simple task like brushing your hair should be done carefully or your hair might get damaged.

Brush Long Hair

Properly brushing ensures shiny, healthy, and beautiful hair. Brushing is said to stimulate production of the essential oils present in the scalp. It also helps in styling hair and keeping it smooth.

Start At The End

Make sure you start with brushing the hair at the ends and work your way up. This method ensures the least amount of damage especially if your hair tends to get tangled fast.

Start at the end

Brush When Dry

Wait until the hair is completely dry before brushing your hair. Hair is extremely weak when wet and tends to tangle and break easily. It is better to comb the hair and untangle it before proceeding to brush your hair.

Brush when dry

Type Of Brush

A flat or paddle brush is ideal for thick, coarse hair as it smooths the hair. For fine hair use a round brush as it adds volume to the hair. A round brush is also ideal for styling the hair.

Type of brush


A wooden brush with natural bristles is the ideal brush for all types of hair as it is not harsh on the hair. Bending down at your waist while letting the hair hang down, run the brush from the nape of the neck to the tip of your hair. Repeat this a few times. Now stand up straight and let the hair fall back into its place.

While setting hair make sure you comb from under the hair starting from the scalp to the ends and not from the outside, as you would normally do. This prevents your hair from looking flat. Next, carefully brush your hair into place with soft strokes.

Make sure you level the hair with your hands in between strokes else, there will be a build up of static. Start with five to ten strokes per day and slowly increase it. If your hair seems oily, you may need to reduce the number of strokes.