How To Buy Short Dresses For Prom

How To Buy Short Dresses For Prom

How To Buy Short Dresses For Prom So, you are really excited that you have been asked out by your crush to be his  prom date. You have somehow also managed to extend your curfew, and everything is looking as perfect as it could be. But, have you given a thought about what you are going to wear for your prom? If not, then don’t stress yourself up.

The most anticipated night of your existence hasn’t arrived yet, and you can still manage to do everything in time. If you want to impress your prom date and, of course, the rest of the crowd, nothing would fit the bill quite like short prom dresses. Short prom dresses make a perfect choice for girls who are blessed with long, sleek legs.

So whether you are thin, curvy or plus size, there are countless styles in short dresses that you can seamlessly flaunt on your prom night.  Keep on reading to know what  you need to keep in mind when buying a short prom dress for yourself.

Tips to Buy Short Dresses for Prom

Know Everything about Short Prom Dresses

Don’t want to tread the classic Cinderella route? Want to show off your own contemporary style? Then, you could opt for an array of trendy short prom dresses available out in the stores. Form backless to fringe-y to low-neck, you need to know your options in advance. Once you know what you want, things will become less hectic and more simple.

Select a dress that features right cut, hue and pattern, as these aspects contribute to elevating your style quotient in a jiffy. It is recommended to buy your prom dress from a branded store if you are doing the shopping with a few hours left to your prom, as this would keep you safe from last minute goof-ups.

Browse Latest Fashion Magazines

Start up with browsing many fashion magazines. Since it’s the prom season, teen magazines are full with stories related to umpteenth prom ideas.  Look for the  images of celebrities with whom you share your skin tone. This will give you an insight on what to wear and what to ditch. Celebrities know best what work for them. Take cues from them and you don’t have to play hard to get others’ attention.

Don’t Wear Micro-Minis

No matter whether or not your mom is okay with you wearing the world’s shortest prom dress, don’t fall for too short dresses.  Always keep in mind that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in whatever you wear.

How To Buy Short Dresses For Prom

If you will be out wearing a very short version of short dresses, chance are your mind will be somewhat swirling around on redeeming yourself from the probable wardrobe malfunctions. So, stay away from them, at least for your prom.

Fabrics and Textures

When it comes to fabric and textures, you need to be extra cautious. No doubt, fabric plays an incumbent role in defining your overall silhouette. Most of the girls vouch for satin for big events like prom. Wearing satin on big events could result into a fashion blunder, as they could make your figure look inappropriate and bulky. Such fabrics are very reflective in nature, and they could show your ripples and bikini lines.

Pick up the Right Cut!

Short dresses look usually good when they feature asymmetrical necklines. Instead of going for full sleeves or something that is just plain boring, look for trendy necklines. And it goes without saying that asymmetrical necklines are very flattering. Not do they look great on everyone, but they also  help in camouflaging unnecessary curves.

However, if you want to buy a long sleeved dress, back cut out dresses would be really nice. Nevertheless, it should be noted that  if you have  a bigger bust and fuller arms, going for the asymmetrical trend might not work in your favor.

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Tips To Help You Get The Right Prom Dress

Give Equal Attention to Accessories

So what, if your dress is super cute? You also need to pay equal attention to your accessories if you want to nail your prom look all the way. Of course, you don’t need to squander much or buy a bunch of superfluous accessories to hit the nail on the board. All you need is to know what works best with your prom outfit.

How To Buy Short Dresses For Prom

Accessorizing your short dress with a nice gladiator shoe and a pretty necklace will transform your look anytime. Moreover, do make sure that you don’t go over top by loading yourself up with too many accessories. Remember, simplicity  is the key when you are trying a short dress.

Color it up!

The event screams it all! It’s the prom night; so avoid looking dull and boring. As much as you spare your time searching for your favorite style in short dresses, also watch out for colors you are going to wear. Girly shades like pink, baby blue and orange are some of the options that you could go for. If you are a girl, who loves everything simple and elegant, then you could go for white or anything that’s light in shade.

White also flatters toned girl, but be aware not to go for bridal white. You are going to your prom and not to your wedding. Moreover, clean silhouettes enhance the look of short dresses. You can always add accoutrements to color the blank canvas like tossing up a pink jacket or a big beaded necklaces. As an additional tip, girls with darker complexion look winsomely awesome in understated hues like peach or earthy shades.

Like any other girl, I am sure you will be excited as well to attend your prom. Remember, nothing works better than showing others what you truly are. That is if you are into short dresses, then only go for short prom dresses, else ditch the idea. Wearing short dresses when you are least comfortable in it will only refrain you from showing the real beauty in you. Therefore, don’t let the bad fashion choices, and those butterflies in your stomach ruin your plans of sizzling the prom night.  Whatever you wear– be it a short dress or a long one– don’t forget to be confident throughout.