How To Buy Sunglasses For Round Face

How To Buy Sunglasses For Round Face

How To Buy Sunglasses For Round Face If the length and width of your face are slightly similar, then you are blessed with a round shaped face. Most women with a round shaped face live under the impression that no sunglasses are meant to suit their face. However, that’s not true. Remember, just because your face doesn’t feature fine edges like an oval shape, doesn’t mean that you don’t get to flaunt your eyes in a chic fashion.

Of course, a round shaped face is little picky when it comes to sunglasses, and it doesn’t blend with all sorts of sunglasses available out there. But, if you know a little know-how of accessory fashion, you will be surprised to find out that there is actually a plethora of trendy sunglasses available to suit your face.

Things to Keep In Mind When Looking for Sunglasses

Since a round face doesn’t have edges, the secret lies in slimming down your cheeks, breaking up the roundness and adding a little definition to your round shaped face. Therefore, to minimize the appearance of your fuller face, begin with searching frames that are not proportionate to your face shape.

Think angular silhouettes or maybe something that features heavy embellishment. Go through various fashion magazines and take cues from Hollywood celebrities like Michelle Williams , Adele and Queen Latifah, as they always nail their look by wearing apt sunglasses. Nevertheless if you are still confounded on how to choose a perfect sunglass for you, read out this helpful guide to know more about sunglasses that’ll work on your round face.

Sunglasses that Sport Wider Frame

As mentioned before, it’s all about counteracting the fullness and defining the downplayed edges of your face. For that, you should look for sunglasses with wider frames. When you are out for shopping, make sure that your eyes meet something that is wider than your face. Since some branded sunglasses come in different sizes, your task becomes a whole lot easier.

Angular Silhouettes

Want to choose a right frame that goes well with your face? Then, opt for angular styled frames. Browse for angular frames like rectangular or square shaped. Such frames eliminate the fullness and balance your face from all the angles. They also lift up your temple and lengthen your face in a jiffy.

How To Buy Sunglasses For Round Face

However, be sure to avoid anything that sits right on your face and covers your edges. For instance, keep a distance from sunglasses that sport round shaped frame, as they make your face look more rounder and overtly bulky. Likewise, sunglasses carrying straight angular lines also create an impression of elongation; so try them out as well.

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Sunglasses with Narrow Frames

Sunglasses that feature narrow frames are an ideal bet for folks with a round shaped face. Case in point, cat eyed sunglasses or oval frames are meant to suit round face cuts. Moreover, narrow frames with a bolder outline also possess higher chance to suit your face. Gradient lenses in purple or soft ambers also come under this category, and they too will do every inch of the favor to your face.

Accentuation in the Frames

Have a little fun with accentuation and embellishments! Accentuation and embellishments in the frame help shift focus from your fuller cheeks to your mesmerizing eyes. Funky sunglasses that sport patterned style and offer a varied color combination fit the bill like anything. Whilst girls can go for girlish and lighter hues like pink and red, guys could opt for solid framework in darker shades and prints to keep their needs for masculinity entertained. Therefore, make sure that your accessory basket is a tightly packed rainbow of blue, green, patterned, beaded sunglasses.

Retro Sunglasses

For those who love flaunting their own style mantra could opt for retro sunglasses. The round face totally complements such silhouettes. Coming in contrasting colors and subtle styles, retro sunglasses lend your round shaped face a totally chic feel. You could look for retro sunglasses that come in distinctive hues and sizes. In addition, wayfarer frames are also unusually exquisite as they exude a unisex appeal. Their bold prints and dramatic color punch look good on a round shaped face.

Sunglasses make an important accessory in one’s wardrobe. Apart from keeping your eyes from harsh sunray damage, they also bestow you with amazing style quotient. However, selecting a sunglass that would look seamlessly flawless on your face is never too easy. Regardless the feature of your face, it’s always a daunting business to find a perfect companion for your eyes. But, if you follow these tips and tricks, you are not far away from escalating the persona of your entire look.