How To Buy UV Protection Sunglasses

UV Protection Sunglasses

UV Protection SunglassesIt has been rightly said that sunglasses make an incumbent accessory for flaunting your personal style statement during the bright summer days. But, that’s not all there is to it. Of course, summer demands taking out your sunglasses in the sun; nonetheless, don’t live in the fashion illusion that sunglasses are only meant for summer. Be it winter or summer, hours of exposure outside in the sun could burn the surface of the eye.

Here comes the need of buying a  nice pair of sunglasses that can completely eliminate the chances of UV rays from breaking in and influencing your eye sight. Sunglasses that provide protection from UV rays might just look like any ordinary pair of sunglasses, but after wearing them you could really feel the difference. So, why you should prefer sunglasses that offer UV protection over the ordinary ones? Read on to know the reasons.

Tips To Buy UV Protection Sunglasses

Perhaps, most of us have already read and heard umpteenth times about the ill effects that UV rays can have on our eyes. A good pair of sunglasses offers protection from ultraviolet rays, intense light, bright spots or glare. They also reflect back certain frequencies of light such as enhanced contrast, keeping your eyes from the chaos of blurred vision.

A nice pair of sunglasses that is armed with the quality of UV protection use the technique of polarization to block the entrance of any superfluous yet lethal sun rays.

Not wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection could further temporarily or potentially harm your eyes. Moreover, if you are not protecting your eyes from the prolonged exposure, you might also risk having the cancer of the eyelids. Many studies have also shown that UV rays can lead to either impaired eyesight or permanent blindness in the adult.

While most of us aren’t aware about how much damage can these lethal ultraviolet (UV) rays do to our eyes, others appreciate the risks by completely ignoring, discarding or accepting it. Don’t be like the rest of the crowd! That is why, when browsing for sunglasses, be sure that whatever brand or style you opt for, they must feature UV protection glasses. If you want to protect your eyesight without breaking your bank, here are some tips you need to follow.

Go through the Description Label

Among a plethora of sunglasses out there that claim to protect your eyes from UV rays, it is daunting to find the right pair. But be careful while choosing the sunglasses as they can do harm to your eyes than protecting them.

Buy UV Protection Sunglasses

If only the fine print or the label says that the following range of sunglasses can block  ultra violet and UVB rays, then only go for it, else don’t buy it.

Don’t Buy Glasses from Street Vendors

You might buy a knockout pair of Chanel sunglasses, and you are also looking winsomely handsome wearing it. But, are you sure the brand name is enough to save your eyes from suffering? Tinted sunglasses do more damage than if you are not wearing any glasses at all. I am not saying that don’t buy branded sunglasses. But,  just because you have a pair of chic Mui Mui sunglasses doesn’t mean that your eyes are protected.

Don’t forget, your first priority should always be to protect your eyes. So, it is better to prance to a local drug or department stores to buy glasses, instead of heading to sidewalk  sellers. Your sunglasses need not to be expensive in order to protect your eyes from UV rays.

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Select the Right style that Comes with the Protection Tag

An ideal sunglass should cover the your eyes from all the sides, and prevent stray light from coming in. Wraparound lenses make an excellent choice, when it comes to UV protection. However, if you don’t like wraparound style, you could opt for eyes hugging frames with wide lenses.

choosing uv protection sunglasses

Make sure not to buy frames with small lenses or prefer the ones that have darker tints. Keep in mind that sunglasses that come in other hued glasses such as amber, green, gray and red also offer protection from UV rays. Likewise, if the glare distracts you, then go for polarized lenses.

Avoid toy Sunglasses

There is no denying the fact that Spider man or Mickey mouse sunglasses look supremely fascinating and chic. But, such shades do not offer UV protection . In fact, if you have light colored eyes, then your eyes are more susceptible to sun damage. Moreover, you should opt for sport specific googles, if you play sports on a regular basis. Wearing protective eye wear could keep your eyes related issues at bay.

Always Seek an Eye Specialist

So, you want to splurge a few bucks on a new pair of sunglasses. However, you are skeptical about the fact that whether your sunglasses  offer UV protection or not. Don’t be so unsure, it is better to cross check with your eye specialist or optician before buying any sunglasses. Likewise, any local eye wear store has their own UV meter.  They can tell you better about what kind of protection your favorite pair of sunglasses would offer.

Contact Lenses

Most of the people who don’t like wearing glasses wear contact lenses. If you are also planning to walk the contact lenses route, think again. Since contact lenses sit on the cornea and not around the white area or skin, they don’t provide proper coverage to your eyes. To protect your eyes from sun damage, prefer sunglasses that offer UV protection and avoid wearing contact lenses.

Sun rays could be so much harder on your eyes than you could probably envisage. Therefore, what these prolonged and unprotected exposure  to the sunlight can contribute to should not be ignored just like that.

When you prance out in the sun, it is always recommended to wear your sunglasses; and that too, which support protection against UV rays. If you could strike a proper balance between protection and fashion, then you can proudly call yourself a smart and voguish fashion lover. Which I know you all are!