How To Buy Vintage Jewelry

how to buy vintage jewelry

how to buy vintage jewelryVintage means one that is derived from eras of time. They are antique and old fashioned. Well having said that fashion never gets old. It keeps on recreating itself and is popular all the time. They never get eradicated completely.

They remain in the eras and then recreate themselves. So is the case with vintage jewelry. Now is the trend of wearing all matching jewelry that fits to your outfit. Well now wearing non matching jewelry would just seem embarrassing. It is all a status symbol. Vintage jewelry is the jewelry that belonged to the olden times. These are now made available in the modern era and very popular. They are also antique and hence very precious.

The work is authentic and makes it beautiful. They are mostly made from the rhinestone and crystals. It is one of the expensive forms of jewelry. This type of jewelry is just the sign of old designs, likes and forms. It also tells us that fashion is prevalent since ancient times and continued to grow and reborn. The kind of vintage jewelry you would wear would be signature of the era you represent. There are still some of the antique jewelries available while some are recreated from those old elegant designs.

Vintage Jewelry Antique Value

In the 18th century cheap jewelry made from glass was famous. But with time advancement semi-precious vintage jewelry became more available. Georgian era belonging to the early 18th century was characterized by the handmade jewelry with use of precious stones. Victorian period then followed which had many varieties of jewelry.

It started with romantic types with gold lockets, brooches, diamonds, then can mourning jewelry and finally aesthetic jewelry with various kinds of diamonds. Art Nouveau jewelry one of the most popular vintage jewelry made its mark with many natural and women oriented designs.

Roughly from 1920’s this jewelry is predominantly prevalent. It started from the art deco period which was around 1920’s-1930. This period designates harshness due to the mass production. Though, it maintains the sensitivity of art and design.

Costume vintage jewelry was introduced at this time to complete the costume and now we use the modified version that is to match jewelry with costume. This jewelry identifies the free flowing curves with harsh geometric and symmetrical themes. You would find many long pendants, bracelets and cocktail rings that are designed in similar fashion.

Art deco was followed be the art retro period. During this period plastic became more popular and most jewelry was prepared from the combination of the natural material and plastic.  It was more elegant and glamorous. Sophistication was in boon with vintage designs derived from nature like floral, bows, sunburst etc. Moonstones and ballerinas were more liked. Bakelite was the predominantly used plastic.

This period ended with start to the modern art period around 1945.  This period had lavish jewelry with charm bracelets, jade bracelets, poddle pins and many types of Christmas jewelry. This era also made use of rhinestones. The important fact about the vintage jewelry is that they are antique and this is main reason for it to be so exclusive. The knowledge about their eras and origin helps to identify the antique value of jewelry.

Handmade Vintage Jewelry

Handmade vintage jewelry is available. They are very popular because of their unique make and derivation from history. They are very exclusive fashion trend now-a-days. Such jewelry is signed by the designers for its originality. They try and make use of the similar materials that were available during those reigns.

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The signature of the designer authenticates the vintage jewelry but also increases the cost of the jewelry. These are very precious and are really expensive because of their brand value. The cost also depend upon the material and the diamonds that they make use of. They are very special and prestigious.

Well, if you cannot afford these authenticated vintage jewelries then you do not have to bother because there are many unauthenticated designs available which are much cheaper. They are also widely available in the market. They are equally beautiful and elegant.

Vintage Jewelry Selection

It is not difficult to select or buy vintage jewelry. Large information and auctions are available on various websites on internet. There are even second hand jewelries available that are much affordable but still beautiful. There is large collection that one can select.

There are lockets, bracelets, hand cuffs, ear rings, brooches etc. There are various brooches which can be used on your clothing and also those that can be used in your hair. Various hair pins are also available. There are varieties of necklaces available. They are of various types depending on the era they designate. Many directories, catalogues can be made available at your home through internet, fashion magazines and guide.

If you are fond of designer wear and jewelry, then you can get them designed uniquely for you as well. List of designers are available through various media sources. There are hand purses, cigarette cases also available as the vintage accessories which have royal look. Well royal look comes from their origin from olden times and makes them beautifully traditional as well. These are so popular that some celebrations themes are also based on the vintage theme, like real royal, real traditional etc.

There are many ways that you can choose your vintage jewelry. There is enough information available through number of sources to guide you. It is important to know the origin and significance of the jewelry if you are designing it specially or buying authenticated one. Their popularity has actually reborn them. They have lasted since olden times and still are famous. Fashion keeps changing all times.

It keeps redeveloping in every possible way. Antique vintage jewelry has made its mark on each age and would remain popular forever. Therefore, no matter how much reshuffle fashion would undergo in future these jewelries would keep coming back in one or other form. Their durability and beauty has increased with advanced modern techniques and ease of designing even the complicated art forms.