How To Care For Black Hair

Caring Black hair

Caring Black hairBlack is always beautiful. The first sign of grey hair and the trauma connected to it makes it evident how much are we in love with black hair. But, the proud owners of naturally black tresses are the African-Asian population. Therefore, if you belong to the same clan, you must put in the right care so that your mane shines with health. One thing needs mention here.

The texture of naturally black hair is drier as compared to other hair types. So, you might face difficulties in selecting the perfect hair care regime that will transform your dry hair into soft, hydrated crowning glory. We have compiled few tips on black hair care. Have a look and follow them seriously to discover beautiful hair that you can boast of.

Tips For Black Hair Care

Avoid Strong Chemicals

Hair care products that are chemical based might give detrimental results for your hair. Actually, the chemicals present in them, most notably, preservatives, alcohol and paraben have drying effect on hair. Thus, when you apply these stuffs onto your hair it gets further dried. This will inevitably invite a host of unsatisfactory conditions, such as frizz, split ends and itchy scalp.

Do Not Braid Too Tightly

African Asian population is mostly susceptible to traction alopecia. This is a condition that is related to improper hairstyling. Basically, braiding and tying hair too tightly is never recommended for black hair.

Care for black hair

Such a faulty practice exerts excessive pressure on the hair roots. Eventually, they tend to get uprooted over the time, since the quantity of natural oils in the roots is already less in case of black hair. Hence, avoid tying your black tresses too tightly.

Avoid Styling Equipments That Generate Heat

As it has been already mentioned that black hair is drier and lack sufficient natural oils, so styling equipments that generate heat is not advisable for regular use on African Asian hair. Hence, if you have been using styling tools, such as blow driers, iron rollers, hair press and heat cap, stop it immediately.

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Such hair styling tools will dry your hair further. However, there will not be much harm if you use those things sparingly. A bonus on this will be if you can regulate the temperature of these styling apparatuses to a low mode and smear heat protecting serum before using them on your hair.

Stop Greasing Your Scalp

You might have grown up hearing that oiling your hair is one of the primary fundamentals for healthy tresses. But, recent discoveries have shown that this is a totally erroneous notion, especially if you have black hair. External application of oil can never compensate the natural oil secreted from the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

Rather, they clog the pores, make the scalp greasy and welcome host of related complications, such as sticky dandruff, hair fall and oil folliculitis. The same thing has to be borne in mind when you intend to apply greasy hair care products on your black hair, such as pomades, masks and hair creams.  Instead of doing any good, they clog the pores and make the hair roots weaker.