How To Care For Face Skin

How To Care For Face Skin

How To Care For Face Skin While some people are genetically predisposed to flawless skin, many of us are unfortunately not. Whether it is oily skin, or acne or overwhelming dryness, most of the people have to wrestle with some kind of skin problem or the other. Although bathing and moisturising the entire body is an important part of your overall skin care regimen, the face needs extra consideration.

The face is the focal point and is the first thing people notice about us when they meet us. Keeping the face clean and glowing reflects health and can make us feel and look confident. It is important that we take good care of our skin. Constant exposure to the sun and the elements can wreck havoc on your skin and this can lead to a host of skin conditions including premature ageing. A skin care routine can go a long way in helping your skin stay fresh, young and hydrated.

It is never too late to begin your face maintenance routine. There are a number of skin care products out there to help you in taking care of your skin. However for that it is important that you first identify your skin type. It is best to do your homework before you make any purchase so that you buy only those products that will work best for you. It is important that you opt for products that go well with your skin type. If your skin is extremely sensitive, you can consult your doctor and ask him to recommend products that would go well with your skin.

Here are Some Basic Skin Care Steps


Cleansing your face twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is very important to wash off all the oil, dirt, makeup and other stuff that may have accumulated on your skin. You can use any good quality cleanser as per your skin type and apply it on your face using circular motion from inner to outward direction and up. You can do this for a couple of minutes before you wash it off with water. Gently pat your face dry using a dry towel. Take care to never rub your face with it.

There are some people who use the same bar of soap on their face that they use to clean their body with. You must know that the skin on your face is the most delicate part of your body and the soap is too harsh for it. Take the time to select a cleanser according to your skin type, and you will be able to notice a lot of difference.


This is an important step in your skin care routine. Exfoliating the skin is very important because it helps get rid of the dead skin cells on the face.

How To Care For Face Skin

Also, this makes the skin more absorbent to the nutrients that are applied on it. For those who have normal to dry skin, they can exfoliate once a week. For those who have combination to oily skin, twice a week is good for them.


This is the next step in skin care routine. A toner helps close pores and will put back the moisture that gets lost at the time of cleansing and/or exfoliating.


Moisturising the skin is very important as it helps to keep the skin looking hydrated. Keep in mind that dry skin causes premature ageing and therefore applying moisturizer on your face will go a long way in maintaining the suppleness of the skin. Using a moisturiser is a must even if you have an oily skin. Most of the times wrinkles and fine lines start to appear on your face quite early in life. This is because your skin is not being properly hydrated. You can buy oil free formulas to apply on your face.

Apply Sun Block

Sun’s rays are very harmful for the skin. It not only leads to premature ageing but also increases your risks of getting skin cancer. If your daily schedule requires you to be spending some time outdoors, it is important that you take care to protect your skin. A good sunscreen will ensure that your skin is protected from harsh elements. While selecting a sunscreen you can opt for one that has a broad spectrum SPF.

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Face Packs

In addition to these basic skin care steps you can also nourish your skin with face masks twice a week. There are a number of face packs available in the stores and you can select one as per your skin type and requirement.

How To Care For Face Skin

You can also deep cleanse your skin with steam and a scrubber once or twice a week.

Lifestyle Changes

Eating the right kind of food, following an exercise regimen and getting adequate rest lays the foundation for a healthy and beautiful skin. A proper diet ensures that your skin will receive the essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that is necessary to maintain as well as repair cells. Having purified water is also an imperative in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. Water not only helps remove waste from your body but is also a good way to keep the skin hydrated.

These basic steps can make or break the reflection that you see in the mirror every day. Having a proper skin care routine is extremely essential for creating any kind of beauty look. No matter what kind of look you wish to sport and what kind of makeup you want to apply, it all starts with good looking skin. These steps are very important, and if followed religiously can help you maintain a clear complexion. Taking these steps to take care of your skin will help you save frequent trips to the dermatologist later on to repair the damage done to your skin.

Sometimes, in spite of doing the best for your skin, you may not see any real improvement in its condition. At such times it is best to consult a dermatologist who will be able to assess the damage and provide a diagnosis. While every one’s skin is different, armed with a proper skin care regimen, anyone’s skin can look great at any age.