How To Care For Leather Bags

How To Care For Leather Bags

How To Care For Leather Bags Leather bags are one of the most precious possessions of women. If you’ve got a branded stylish leather bag, then it’s just simple fact that you’ve won the eyes of all your passersby. But, this fashion statement needs a bit more effort than just a huge pile of cash spent while buying it.

If you want those eyes to stay on and keep prying, then you’ve got to maintain the bag well. So, how can one make a leather bag look as new as it was when you bought it?

Useful Tips for Maintaining Leather Bags

No Scrubs Involved but, Yes! Cleaning

You must have heard your mom nag you everyday day about cleaning things, well, you’ve just got to add the leather bags to the cleaning list too. Although your leather bags may look clean, your eyes can betray you as they may not be as clean as they look. Leather is a natural product and it is known to be a good platform for microbial growth.

So, better be safe than sorry! Clean your leather bags as often as possible if you use them a lot (like on a daily basis) by using leather shampoo and a soft cloth. If you don’t use it that often then cleaning the leather bag twice or thrice a year should do well. Suede eraser can be used to remove stains, if you own a suede leather (soft leather) bag.

A Small Tip: After you clean the bag, try to keep it the same way. Avoid spilling things on the bag! Protect it like a mama bear!

Store Them the Store Way!

How to store a leather bag? This is a very important question that people seem to ignore, but trust me! Storing the bag the right way is the key to its everlasting looks. The trick here is handling the bag like a baby. Remember mama bear instincts? Use it! Do not just cramp the leather bag into the only little space available in your already filled closet.

How To Care For Leather Bags

Here is why you shouldn’t do it – creases. Even if it is just one bend, it results in one crease which spoils the complete look. I would say rather than carrying an expensive original leather bag with a crease you could walk around with no bag. So, to avoid the creases let it hang straight or stand, in a dust proof bag while storing.

You should also stuff your leather bag with paper before storing it. Sounds weird? Well, I don’t know about the weirdness but, this actually helps to maintain the shape of your bag. This is the same reason why stores sell bags stuffed with papers. One more final yet important storing tip – Always remember to clean the bag before packing and storing it.

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Waterproof Your Leather Bag

Leather bags can be waterproofed. So how do you do it? It’s pretty simple! Use the water repellent sprays available in stores all around the world. Can’t find one in a nearby store? Just order it online and have it delivered home (do it the easy way).

Now, the next step is to spray this water repellent on your leather bag including the straps before you take them out. This way you bag is saved from the sudden unpredictable rains and juice or water spills. But if you own a Deerskin leather bag then waterproofing them shouldn’t be one of your concerns.

A Few More Must Know Tips

Do you live in a dry place? Then, please moisturize your leather. Leather is skin too; just like your skin your bag’s skin requires moisturizing too. Use the special leather moisturizers available and spray or rub them on your bag using a soft piece of cloth.

Sunlight will fade your leather. So, if at all you drench your bag or slightly wet it, drying it out in sunlight is a BAD IDEA. Wipe the wet bag with a soft cloth like cotton or microfiber cloth.

Protect it with leather protectant sprays. While spraying the bag, keep in mind that the straps are a part of the bag too. Polish the bag with leather polish to sustain the ‘clean and new’ look. Do not over stuff the bag so much that it becomes difficult to zip it close. This will stretch the bag (resulting in cracks) and the weight could let the straps to snap.

With leather bag comes great responsibility too. So, if you already own one, maintain it well or else, you would regret letting it die slowly. Save your fashion statement by saving your leather bag and make a fashion statement by maintaining the leather!