How To Care For Natural Hair

How To Care For Natural Hair

How To Care For Natural Hair Hair is something that a lot of people flaunt. It is not called the crowning glory for nothing. It is one of those things that set people apart from each other. Every individual desires healthy, gorgeous hair. One of the most obvious characteristics of beautiful hair is its shine. Your hair speaks a lot about you.

While you do not need to be always sporting a great hairstyle, grooming it well sends a positive message to others. Most people think that it requires personal stylists and expensive products to achieve great looking hair. However, the truth is that anyone can have beautiful hair provided they know how to take care of it.

Tips to Care for Natural Hair


Caring for your hair begins from within with what you eat. If you are lacking in essential nutrients your nails and hairs show the effects first. Iron is very important to keep the hair healthy looking and strong. Vitamins A and C are also important to help keep your hair shiny. Fresh fruits and vegetables is the optimum diet for good hair. Going on crash diets for losing weight will be as harmful for your skin and hair, as consumption of junk foods and alcohol.

A healthy and balanced diet is essential to ensure that the body gets all the required vitamins and minerals that it needs to stay healthy. It is best if you can stay away from nasty foods that do not do any good to your body. Also, make sure to drinks lots of water. This will help flush out all the toxins from the body imparting a healthy shine to your hair.

Taking fresh fruit juices also contributes in a major way towards the health of your hair. Another tip to help grow your hair long and healthy is using supplements that enable faster growth, strengthens strands and prevents damage.


A regular dose of exercise is another way you can keep your hair healthy. Exercising regulates blood circulation and helps to make the hair follicles more active.

Oil Massage

Regular massage of your hair with coconut oil or olive oil ensures that your hair gets all the required nutrition. Oil softens your hair and gives it a natural shine.

How To Care For Natural Hair

Massaging your head regularly will help stimulate the growth of hair follicles. Also, it helps bring down your stress levels. You can use gentle circular motions while massaging your hair. This helps in promoting blood circulation which in turn helps in your hair growing healthy and strong. Sesame oil is best for people with frizzy hair.


Take care to maintain regular hair cleaning. You need not use a lot of chemical products to maintain your hair. Have a look at the way you clean your hair, including what you use to clean it. It is required that you lightly massage your scalp with a shampoo. This helps promote blood flow and stimulates the body to produce natural oils. Do not rub hard or scrub as this might lead to hair loss.

Just rinsing your hair on a regular basis should be enough to ensure that you have no hair issues. It is important that you wash your hair thoroughly because remains can cause serious damage. Using a hair conditioner will also help to keep your hair silky.

The regularity of washing the hair can vary from person to person. If you have thin hair it might not be a good idea to wash it daily. However if you have coarse and thick hair you will need to wash it frequently. Keep in mind that too much washing can lead to dry scalp. How often you wash your hair would also depend on how quickly your hair gets dirty.

Harmful Chemicals

Let your locks air dry and make an attempt to create styles that do not require heat. On the same note, it is best if you can stay away from chemicals as well. Avoid perming and bleaching your mane. While those curls may look great, doing it on a regular basis may lead to drying and breakage of hair. If you want to colour your hair opt for formulas that are free of peroxide.


Saltwater and chlorine are not good for your hair. If you swim regularly, make sure to wash your hair as soon as possible after a swim. Also, make sure to wear a cap that protects your hair from chlorine, sun and other chemicals.

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How To Care For Natural Hair

Trimming your hair at an interval of 3 months is another way to enable your hair to grow beautifully. Cut off those unpleasant split ends as they can cause a lot of damage to your hair.


One of the keys to keeping your hair healthy is conditioning. Our hair becomes damaged and dull due to the onslaught of the elements of nature and also due to decreased natural oil production as we age. It is therefore important that we condition our hair each time we wash it.

Hair Care Products

The usage of specifically designed hair products can be very good for your hair. When you pick hair care products, make sure to pick the kind that is specifically designed to work with your hair. You will need to research about the products that would suit your hair type best. It is important that you select gentle products that wouldn’t lead to your hair getting over dry. If you are not sure about the best products for your hair you can ask your stylist to recommend some products for you.

Hair Treatments

You must keep in mind that although bleaching, dying and high-lighting can enhance our appearance, these procedures are not good for our hair, and we need to use products that will enable the oils that have been depleted to be restored.


If you are someone who gets stressed out easily, chances are that your hair too will weaken and be prone to breakage. While stress is a part of everyday living, how we deal with it is very important. Learning yoga, meditation and other stress management techniques can go a long way in ensuring healthy locks. If you spend some time and effort to take care of your hair, you are sure to be rewarded with healthy, beautiful hair that you can flaunt proudly.